About Katie

My spiritual journey began in childhood. When I was five, I would read the adults in my life and tell them what I thought and what I saw. The response I got back was usually a form of, "you're too sensitive", "you don't know what you're talking about, you're just a kid", or "how could you know that?". I learned early on that my intuitive senses were a gift but my readings weren't exactly welcome in my family's eyes.

I soon started praying for the whole world. In Kindergarten Religion class I would pray for all the people in my family and all the people of the world. I developed a close relationship with Jesus and God and they became my spiritual teachers. Jesus showed me how to love all people and how to love other people as you would love yourself. As a small child, I took these messages to heart and followed them with all my might.

I continued to read my family, much to their distress. I became the truthteller, someone whose words weren't always welcome, but were often needed. I was upset when my words weren't believed or I was told I was too sensitive. I knew my sensitivities were needed, though, because my spiritual teachers told me they would be. 

As an empathic child, I was drawn to animals and children smaller than me. I became the emotional caregiver for my parents when they split. My father suffered from mental illness and I became the calm presence they both needed.

I went to school to become a vet, but after interning and working with suffering animals, I decided to work with humans. I graduated from nursing school in 1998 and became a cardiac nurse.

In the following years I worked with cancer patients, heart patients, and surgical patients. I loved my work, as it was more of a calling than a career. When my first baby was born she had respiratory difficulties and spent time in the NICU. She was at one of the first hospitals to use breastmilk for preemies, and I became a breastfeeding advocate overnight. I stayed at home to care for her and moved my career toward mother-baby.

After my third baby was born, I discovered Healing Touch. My mentor's sessions helped me start the road to emotional recovery from my growing-up time, and once she introduced me to Healing Touch classes, I knew I had found my new path. Then I met quite a few Reiki Masters in an online meditation group, many of which I can call my friends, and one of which has become my amazing spiritual mentor.

My yoga instructor introduced me to two real-life Reiki Masters who taught at his studio. Being around them gave me the confidence to take all three levels of Reiki, before I completed the five levels of Healing Touch. One of the requirements of Healing Touch Level 4 is beginning a practice. I was offered four spaces to practice before I found Plant Street Wellness Center, where I offered private sessions. I am now practicing at Divine Wellness in Winter Garden and offering home visits to the Greater Orlando area.

I began teaching Reiki at CommUnity Center 729, a place where spiritual people meet. I have loved learning about spirituality and the religions of the world since I was a child. I am currently studying Vajarayana Buddhism, Taoism, and the Kaballah. Teaching Reiki gives me the opportunity to share Universal Love energy with my students, while honoring their spiritual path and beliefs. I am now teaching private one-on-one courses.

When I wanted to expand my practice, I discovered Pranic Healing and Pranic Psychotherapy. I was taught by three amazing Pranic Healers and added it to the Vedic philosophy I was learning in my 200 hour yoga teacher training. I folded Pranic Healing into my Healing Touch, Reiki, and Energy Medicine sessions to bring each client closer to health, harmony, and happiness. I'd love help you journey to your inner wisdom and find the peace I have discovered.

My Healing Touch Teachers:

Level 1- Gail Hardinger-McCarthy RN, LPN

Level 2- Nancy Wingerter, RN

Level 3, 4, & 5- Judy Turner RN

My mentor- Carolyn Green, RN, The Energy Nurse

My Reiki Teachers:

Reiki 1, 2, & Master/Teacher- Monica Cerne, LMT

Orlando Reiki School

Reiki 2 & 3- Viviana Collazo, E-RYT 500

Reiki 3- Heidi Gonzales, RN

My Pranic Healing Teachers:

Intro to Pranic Healing & Pranic Healing 1- Dan Schmutz

Pranic Psychotherapy- Ken Williams, DC

Advanced Pranic Healing- Connie Williams, MEd

My ICRT Holy Fire Reiki Teacher:

Holy Fire 1&2, ART/Master- Patricia Williams, RMT

My Spiritual Teacher:

Mediumship, Spiritual Cleansing, and Spiritual Discernment- Mary Mueller Shutan, L.Ac, CST-D, CZB, ABT

My Yoga Teacher:

InSpirit Yoga Teacher Training- Ravenflower Dugandzic, E-RYT 200

Disclaimer: as a Holistic Nurse, I do not diagnose medical conditions or prescribe medicine.

Energy Healing is a complimentary therapy and is not meant to replace medical care. 

I do not take insurance or bill insurance for you.

In the state of Florida i teach Reiki and practice Healing Touch & Pranic Healing.

Registered Nurse

Healing Touch Practitioner  

Pranic Healer 

Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher 

Let's reconnect you with your inner wisdom so you can start healing today!


Reclaim your health, harmony, and happiness!

In-person appointments available at Divine Wellness Spa in Winter Garden. Home visits to the Greater Orlando area. Intuitive Phone Readings and Energy Healing Distance Sessions offered worldwide.
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