Let me show you how to connect with your inner wisdom and heal your body, mind, and spirit.
Registered Nurse 1998
Reiki Master Shihan 2013
Healing Touch Practitioner 2014
Pranic Healer 2016
Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher 2019
Energy Healing sessions in Winter Garden and Greater Orlando

Distance Healing sent worldwide

By Appointment Only

Divine Wellness

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  • Katie Martinez

August Client Spotlight

Lynda just completed her Baptiste Power Yoga certification and has been my teacher, client, and Reiki student for over a year.

Here's what she has to say about my services:

My journey with Katie begin last summer when I attended her Reiki I Class. I was extremely curious about Reiki Healing Energy. I had heard from others that one can heal oneself, or another with healing energy from the Universe. I attended the workshop with an open mind, not knowing where this would lead me.

During the workshop, Katie cleared blocked energy from my chakras, and I felt an immediate sense of lightness. She taught me how Reiki Healing Energy works, the 5 Spiritual Principles of Reiki, the 7 Chakras (energy centers) of the body, and the body’s energy fields. I learned how to perform energy healing upon myself, and by the afternoon, we as a group were performing Reiki on each other.

I became a private client of Katie’s as I felt I needed additional assistance with chakra clearing and a better understanding of the methodology. I was going through a challenging period in my life and through monthly sessions with Katie, she helped to release negative energy from my body. Katie helped me see where I was allowing my egoic mind to influence my emotions and thoughts, and holding the negative energy in my chakras. After an energy clearing session with Katie, I always felt a burden lifted.

With Katie’s support and using the Reiki Healing Energy methodologies, I continue a home practice of healing myself from the inside out. Reiki heals me, grounds me, and gives gives me the tools of knowledge, awareness and sensitivity to stay present in my life.

Reiki I is coming up August 22! Call 407.205.8450 to book your spot.

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