What's a Sensory Sensitive Kid?

Updated: Oct 14

Edit October 2020: I no longer work exclusively with children on the Autism Spectrum. There is a lot of misunderstanding about energy work, and many parents asked me to fix their children. Spectrum kids aren't broken, they are more in tune with the spiritual world. If you have a child on the spectrum, you must schedule a consult with me before booking to see if I am a good fit to work with your child. In general, non-verbal children do not always respond well to energy work. You know your child best, use your best judgment when searching for a healer to work with your child.

What's a sensory sensitive kid and why do I work with them? The question has been rolling around in my mind for a few weeks now. I just launched a new website with a whole new feel, devoted to the part of my business that serves kids on the Spectrum.

What's the spectrum? The Autism Spectrum includes a wide range of kids and behaviors, from ADHD, to Asperger Syndrome, to Autism. All of the kids on the spectrum have similarities, even though each diagnosis is different.

The common thread in all of them is Sensory Sensitivity. They're either more sensitive or less sensitive than most people to touch, taste, sound, light, and smells. When I first started doing energy work, it became clear through my meditations and past work with kids on the spectrum (including my sons), that their energy fields functioned differently than most kids.

Sensitive kids who react strongly to sensory input often have fields that are thin, or not functioning to their full capacity. Our energy fields have four basic layers, the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual layers. Hypersensitive kids are those kids with fields that have thin, non-functioning, or permeable layers of the field.

Hyposensitive kids have energy fields with thick layers around them, thicker than most people have. Our energy fields usually expand as far as our arms can reach, and hyposensitive kids are those kids with fields that extend beyond that, as if there's a thick wall around them.

When I first started working with Sensory Kids, I thought that most kids were either one or the other. The way their fields functioned related directly to their behavior. Sensitive kids often are either sensory seeking or sensory avoidant, meaning they seek out input and sensory stimulation, or they avoid it altogether.

Some of the kids who came in and learned energy work and how to protect their fields fit neatly into one category or the other. But then there were the kids whose behavior depended on their environment. For example, they would be sensory avoidant at school and sensory seeking once they got home.

What I learned was that some kids modulated between the two field types during the day, depending on where they were and what kind of stimulation they were getting. Some kids developed a thick wall around their field at school, but by the time they got home, their field was so full of energy, they needed a way to discharge it.

Sensory seeking kids are the kids who run into others, wrestle, use rough play, pinch hard, hug hard, and sometimes bite. They are seeking sensory stimulation to let energy out. Very often these kids have a huge field full of energy and a thick wall around it, so letting energy out literally means creating a hole in some way, often by running into someone else.

Sensory avoidant kids are the opposite. They avoid sounds, bright light, other children, crowds, certain textures in foods, muddy or messy play, don't like their feet touching the ground, and hate seams in socks and tags in their clothes. Their fields are so thin that they feel everything. This type of kid is sometimes able to learn to modulate his field to grow the thick wall around it and block everything out.

That's when the environment steps in as a factor in how a Sensory Kid behaves. Is he able to use his field to his advantage? Can he learn to use it for protection, or does he need to learn how to let the energy that's spinning in his field out first? These are all questions I ask during a session with a sensitive child.

I work with kids on each end of the spectrum, as well as kids without a formal diagnosis, ages 8 and up. I've worked with 25 Sensory Kids so far, and each one of them has validated that they are more sensitive to the spiritual realm, can feel and learn to use energy, and can benefit from Energy Work.

Want to learn more? Contact me to schedule a parent consult or a session for your sensitive child.

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