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  • Katie Martinez, RN, BSN, RM

Trauma loops and how to escape them

We've all been through hard and difficult times. Death, divorce, financial stress, loss of friendships, relocation, and other stressors can take a toll on the body. There are some of us who have been through multiple losses and stressors. What happens to the energy body when these things happen?

Blocks can form in the chakra system, which look like grey or black clouds of emotion. Imprints can set in the field, specifically in the mental and emotional layers. The imprints are memories or replays of the events that affected us.

There are several ways to heal the energy body- exercise and yoga can release blocks from the chakras and can prevent imprints from setting in the field. Therapy helps to release emotional and mental blocks. Energy work, though, specifically works on dissolving blocks in the chakras and in the field, and can smooth out imprints.

When we've had repeated trauma, we can get into trauma "loops", which are replays of thought and memories related to the difficult times. These loops repeat themselves over and over again in our minds and hearts. Reiki and Healing Touch can help release us from these loops and begin the process of healing, moving toward a calmer and fuller state of peace of mind.To schedule an appointment or have an energy body assessment, call 407-614-3440. Packages of three or five appointments are available.Reiki



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