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  • Katie Martinez, RN, BSN, RM

Facing our shadow selves

Updated: Jun 14

What happens when you're doing all the right things, but you're still stuck, blocked, and unable to move forward or create in your life? You meditate, exercise, practice yoga, eat right, and take care of your family and your own needs, yet you're still missing something or just plain can't get it together. I had a client come in a few weeks ago who said meditation wasn't working for her any more. I had another client who had been actively using manifestation tools and said they weren't working like they had before. What happened? This kind of stickiness happens often in the Energy world. I am part of several large groups of energy workers and we all get stuck from time to time. The self care modalities we used before stop working. There's a saying in our profession, "if clients aren't coming, YOU get on the table and work out your stuff!" You may also hear energy workers or life coaches encourage doing the work. What does that mean? It simply means taking a long hard look at what is not going right in your life, facing it, and deciding to do something about it. The hard work we have to do in this life are the lessons our soul came here to learn. There are three basic parts of our energy body. Our light body is what most people see when they look at us, the whole person, positive aspects of the self. The dark energy body houses negative emotion and is the part of our energy that experiences emotions like anger, sadness, or hatred. The shadow aspect of our energy body is the part of our energy that holds our life lessons. The shadow is where we often get tripped up. Shadow consciousness is where we get stuck, on the same life lessons again and again. Very often these lessons have a recurring theme. When we decide to go to work on them, we are looking at our shadow. As an empath I see a person's shadow consciousness and the lesson they're working on as they are speaking to me. The lesson they're struggling with surfaces and becomes clear. For the two clients I mentioned the lesson was learning to trust, and in the process of opening up their blocked energy started to flow again. Four years ago I was stuck too. My energy had stopped flowing because I had developed many fears and phobias about the spiritual realm, brought on by some frightening experiences. However when I stopped and looked at my shadow, I uncovered something. My father had always been afraid. He had a mental illness that kept him full of fear. He was afraid of everything and everyone. I had been carrying his fears around with me since childhood, and wasn't even aware I had them. My shadow consciousness was full of fear, and once I was aware and able to look at what it contained, I was able to begin letting some of his erroneous fears go. They weren't mine and didn't belong to me, and weren't serving me except to keep me stuck. Once I started releasing the emotions in my shadow, my energy shifted and things started to change. I got help from an energy worker who knew what to do to help me. I worked out my fears of the spiritual realm and got clarity on what I was seeing and feeling, and my energetic abilities got stronger. There's nothing wrong with not seeing your shadow and what it contains. Often we peel away layers of it, and heal one aspect at a time. It may take a lifetime to heal what is there, but that is what life lessons are about, one sticky episode at a time. Want to learn more? Email me at IntuitiveReconnections@gmail.com.

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