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  • Katie Martinez, RN, BSN, RM

Spirituality and Safety

There is a misconception out there that anything spiritual is safe, that dark beings don't exist, or that energy work is only for the greatest and highest good. This blind spot is where a lot of spiritual workers, clients, and students run into trouble.

It is true that Reiki works only for the greatest and highest good. Reiki is a divine energy channeled through a person to another person, though. And sometimes one of those people has trauma or darkness around them that can affect the energy coming through.

So when we say energy work is for the greatest and highest, that means that the end goal is the greatest and highest. Sometimes the beings and guides that work with Reiki help with removal of those things in our lives that are toxic and not for our greatest and highest good.

Does this mean they are dark? Well, sometimes, they are. Sometimes they are grey. I am fond of saying that energy just IS, it is not good or evil or black or white. There is an awful lot of grey energy in the spiritual world. And some of it helps to move things along so that we are no longer stuck in toxicity.

Those nudges that you get that tell you to move out of a relationship, or leave a friendship or job, are gentle and kind. However, when you decide to have a Reiki treatment or take a Reiki class, you are consciously asking for your life to change. And that is when the change agents step in.

One of the most valuable lessons I learned was that not every teacher was there for my greatest and highest good. One of my teachers psychically attacked me several times in class. I thought that this person was a guru, a high vibration being incapable of negativity.

I was shocked when he attacked me. One attack lasted a weekend. I had just started spiritual work and learning how to be a spiritual practitioner. My guides must have thought it fitting that I be in his space, because I was drawn there. I felt guided by God to be there. And the message I got later was that I had to learn about this aspect of spirituality.

When I was researching Reiki practices on Sunbiz, it appeared that most closed after a year. I saw that many of these practitioners started out with good intentions, but stopped working when the energy went awry, or something went wrong, or they were psychically attacked.

Learning to work with the darker side of spirituality is absolutely necessary. I work with many types of trauma, and often trauma carries with it darkness and toxicity. Learning how to work with this energy and help it move out of the person's aura is just as valuable as learning how to channel Reiki.

I also learned how to psychically defend myself. This is a necessary skill in the spiritual world. There are highly skilled practitioners who can send energy just through their thoughts to another spiritual worker. Unchecked anger and jealousy creates energy. I'm not talking about just shielding here. I'm talking also about sending the energy back to its originator and being able to create ways to protect yourself that aren't just shielding.

I have heard many times that there are people who want to do what I do. It is a learning curve. You must be prepared for what comes. Not all of it is fluffy bunnies and rainbows. For more information on spiritual protection, email me at Katie@IntuitiveReconnections.com.

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