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  • Katie Martinez, RN, BSN, RM

Working with your spirit guides

Updated: Jun 14

One of the questions I am asked most often is how to work directly with our spirit guides. It's nice to go for a reading and get clarity on what our guides are saying, but often we can do this directly. The first step is to clear your mind. Now, I know this is no easy task. A meditation or prayer practice helps, when we are willing to listen for the answers instead of allowing our minds to talk constantly. Listening for the answers from God, our Higher Selves, or our Source is an important part of meditation. Answers come easily when we clear the clouds of thought in our heads. After the mind is clear, listen for a message. Many people have inspiration directly from meditation. For some though, writing is a better option. Recording our lives in a journal can be very cathartic and helpful. Usually by around page 5 our writing becomes more free flowing and automatic. This is where our guides come in. Ideas that pop into our heads or inspiration from writing are a way they communicate with us. Here's some information from one of our classes: Guide to Guides Benevolent Guides Many people believe they have spirit guides. Some refer to theirs as angels or guardians. Regardless, if you believe you have one, a spirit guide is there simply to guide, not as an entity that you need to give yourself over to. If a spirit guide has a negative influence on your behavior, then chances are good that it’s not a spirit guide at all, but a being who wants to gain control over your energy. These are some of the more commonly found types of spirit guides. Ascended Masters These guides are often found by people who do energy work, such as Reiki. An ascended master who appears as a spirit guide is often a being that led a physical life and has moved on to a higher spiritual plane- for example, Buddha, Krishna, and even Jesus. Ascended masters usually work with collective groups of souls, in other words, if you’ve got an ascended master hanging around you, you’re not the only one he or she is helping. Their primary focus is that of helping all of humanity. It’s not uncommon for an ascended master to have access to the Akashic records. They are also referred to as Master Teacher guides. Ancestral Guides An ancestral guide is one who can claim some sort of kinship with you, such as your Aunt Tillie who died when you were ten. It may also appear in the form of a long-dead ancestor. In some schools of thought, these entities are seen as reincarnated guides, because they are the spirits of someone who loved us during their physical lifetime, or who had some sort of blood connection to our family. Some people, depending on their religious upbringing, may see these types of guides as guardian angels. Common Spirit Guide, or Teacher Guide A typical spirit guide is an archetype, symbolic or representative of something else. For example, you may find your guide appears in the form of a warrior, storyteller, or a wise woman, and they have appeared to you for a purpose. Typically, that purpose is to teach you and guide you along a particular path. They may also introduce you to other archetypes along your journey, and help out with problem solving, based upon your needs. They are known to provide insight by the way of dreams or meditation, and may only hang around as long as you need them, and then move on. Any of these guides can come through and work with you. The key is to be open to whatever the spiritual realm wants to show you. At first it can be images and pictures, then words and messages. Sometimes it's both. Your guides will often read something that is going on in your life and give you advice related to that issue. Remember your guides are looking at your life from a different vantage point than you are. They are looking at the big picture and the timeline of your life. It's easier for them in the fast paced vibration of the spiritual realm to pick up on exactly what you need to hear. Just be open and surrender to the process. Questions? Contact me at IntuitiveReconnections@gmail.com.

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