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Spiritual protection methods

Updated: Jun 14

For October, a month that often reveals the darker side of us, it may be helpful to explore some methods of Spiritual Protection. I don't really suggest to people that they shield anymore, unless it is an emergency and they are being psychically attacked. What I suggest instead is shielding with sunlight, so that negative energy or barbs directed at a person dissolve in the sunlight before reaching the person physically. In harder or more difficult cases, instead of putting up a shield or wall, we can put up a mirror facing the person, which often deflects their energy back onto them.

I had a teacher who offered me methods of spiritual protection. She said that using my energy to shield, surround, and protect the walls of my house and practice space was constantly using my energy, and that I had become those places. There were ways herbally and physically to protect those spaces so that I didn't constantly have to keep my energy up to do so. Here are a few: Draw a line of salt outside your front and back doors, intending that only positive energy come through. Or draw a perimeter of salt around your house. Use basil and bay leaves under your welcome mat. Basil protects from the evil eye and bay leaves protect from negative spirits. Use eggshells. Cascarilla is powdered eggshell. Place it on the outer four corners of your home, outside. It is a powerful spiritual cleanser. For more help, bury four iron nails on each corner of the house, as a powerful way to ward evil spirits. Have a crystal grid. Place crystals or precious stones, or even rocks in the four outer corners of your home, on the inside. Bless and thank the stones before placing them there. They ground the energy and create an energetic grid that protects the interior of the home. Use oils to bless your home. Basil, Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Lemon are a protective combination. When combining about four drops of each, bless the oils and thank them for protecting your home. Smudge them in the four interior corners of your home and around your front and back doorways. Use Palo Santo to smudge and smoke your home. I find that Palo Santo is more grounding than burning Sage. Walk counterclockwise from the northeast corner to the northwest corner, then the southwest, then the southeast, and complete the circle three times. This will cleanse your space. Use a sweeping ritual. Sweep your home out from front to back, intending to sweep negative energy out the front door. Or mop with Lavender. Start in the center of your home and mop counterclockwise until you reach the front door and dump the mop water off your property. If you are busy, and don't have time for much, my simplest suggestion is to find a salt lamp or use a bowl of salt water to absorb negative energy. I give these suggestions to my clients often. They have worked for me, and ward off energy that is negative, so that I do not have to use my own energy to protect myself or my spaces. Want to learn more? Email me at IntuitiveReconnections@gmail.com.

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