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How to prevent psychic attacks

How do you prevent psychic attacks? First, it's important to know what they are. Do you feel negative energy coming at you from a specific person or group? Negativity can include comments, gossip, or other energy being directed at you personally, your friends, your family, or your job.

Sometimes a psychic attack comes in the form of nothing going right for you, a string of bad luck, or everything piling on top of you at once. Usually this stems from someone directing negative energy at you, an unresolved conflict, or simply from a person who is unhappy with their own life, who is projecting all of their unhappiness onto you.

How to prevent these? First, look at the energy you are sending out to the Universe. Are you giving the signals that you are open to receiving this kind of energy? Are you in conflict with someone or have you been directing negative energy out yourself? Often this is the first indication that you are receiving what you are giving out.

The Universe responds and sends us back what we put out there, in real time. Sometimes it is immediate, or it can take longer, a few days, a week, even a year. Some karma comes around when we least expect it.

The second way to prevent an attack is to understand that sometimes the energy is coming from a spiritual source to open you up and teach you a life lesson. Is it time to learn more compassion for others? Do you understand that everyone is fighting a battle you might not be able to see? Everyone has something that they struggle with, that's why it's called life.

The lesson from a spiritual psychic attack is often that nothing is going right for you, and you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel, because your spiritual guidance wants you to look up, and ask for help.

Finally, if the energy is coming from someone who simply has it out for you, doesn't like you, even though you haven't done anything to them, or from someone who has been triggered by you through no fault of your own, the best thing to do is shield yourself.

You can visualize your energy field like a large bubble around you that you can use as a wall. I like to visualize a mirror facing out, toward the person who needs to see their behavior reflected in it. Sometimes the mirror is completely reflective, sometimes it is translucent so that they can see me, depending on what kind of energy they are sending out.

Loving them over the wall and sending compassionate energy toward them is usually enough to disarm them from sending any more negativity your way. Try it, and see if it works.

For more on psychic attacks, see my online class. Questions? Use my Contact Page.



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