Private Reiki Classes at CommUnity Center 729, on North Thornton Ave in the Mills and 50 district, Orlando. Classes are scheduled for groups of 1-3 people on Sundays, from 10:30a-2:30p. You or your group can set your own date, schedule permitting.


Reiki 1 $175

Reiki 2 $325

Reiki Master $555

Reiki Master Teacher $116

Prices are per person

To book a class, call 407-490-8621.

Classes at 729


    For changes to my business due to Covid-19, click here.

    Registered Nurse

    Healing Touch Practitioner  

    Pranic Healer 

    Reiki Master Teacher 

    Let's reconnect you with your inner wisdom so you can start healing today! Reclaim your health, harmony, and happiness!

     @Divine Wellness Spa
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    Local services for the Greater Orlando area. Distance Sessions offered worldwide. To read my latest newsletter, click here.

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