Student Apprenticeship

IR Intuition Academy Apprenticeship includes:

Level 1

Reiki 1 online or in-person class

Mini Classes: cord cutting, soul mates, spiritual cleansing, working with angels and spirit guides, and shadow work

Level 2

Reiki 2 online or in-person class

Intuitive Classes: Intuitive Development or Intuitive Mediumship Course

Level 3

Reiki Master online or in-person class

Intuitive Classes: Intuitive Discernment or Intuitive House Blessing Class

Level 4

Reiki Master Teacher online or in-person class

Advanced Lessons: psychic attacks, psychic vampires, or dismantling witchcraft

Intuitive Healing techniques are introduced at the Reiki Master level. You will practice your skills under my supervision for 36 months, for a total of 100 sessions. 


Reiki is an essential tool for all intuitives, mediums, and healers to learn, as it brings clarity to all spiritual experiences.

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Registered Nurse

Healing Touch Practitioner  

Pranic Healer 

Reiki Master Teacher 

Reconnect with your inner wisdom so you can start healing today!

Reclaim your health, harmony, and happiness!

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