Reiki Student Praise

Reiki I

"I had a wonderful time." 

The studio was very pleasant and welcoming and the set-up was very convenient and comfortable. I really enjoyed how the practical, intuitive, and spiritual teaching was accompanied with the more informative part as well. I thought and felt that I received an overall very holistic understanding, and I really enjoyed that. As usual, you were extremely pleasant and welcoming. And it's a wonderful experience learning from you. Thank you for the opportunity to experience and learn this. I feel very blessed.

-Elice G.

"I can't imagine a better training." 

Everything was covered, all the learning styles addresssed, respect was given to each person's being where they were on their spiritual journey. I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in Reiki or spirituality in general- thank you for the gift of your expertise Katie.

-Cindy F.

"I loved the hands-on experience!"

This was so informative and gave me many good tips to use in my everyday life that will help me to deal with the daily stress that I am experiencing. I especially like the technique that uses the tongue on the pressure point inside the mouth to balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain. I will leave this class today feeling so much more relaxed and I am looking forward to continue using Reiki to heal myself and when I feel confident about healing myself, I will practice it on my family members. You have been a wonderful teacher. I loved the hands-on experience! 

-Victoria M.

Reiki II

"Awesome class on many levels." 

I became much closer to the divine & spirit. My hands are activated to another level for healing myself and others. Distance healing exercise was awesome. I also loved the angel meditation and got some good messages.

-Dave M.

" overall feeling of compassion afterwards."

I really enjoyed Reiki II. I learned a lot about distance healing and it was helpful to practice- I like the hands-on activities. It was also helpful to learn about using Reiki to heal past emotional wounds- I really enjoyed the second meditation, and I felt relief and warmth. I also felt an overall feeling of compassion afterwards. The Angel and Ascended Masters cards were helpful in learning more about them. Great handouts- they were clear and infomative. 

-Akiho T.

Reiki III

"Major energy shift is happening, all for the better!"
Thank you for the powerful Reiki master weekend  and for sharing your personal experience!  I liked being in the smaller room with a smaller class size. It seemed to add a level of intimacy for the class. My ego did it’s best to fight the process, but my “unconditional joy” with moments of bliss are winning.  Major energy shift is happening, all for the better!
-Donna B.
"I am really exited about this new chapter in my life!"

Hi Katie: I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful class. I believe that we had a wonderful group and that all the sharing complimented the theory. I love the material you put together and all the extra reading helped me a lot to explore more information by my own. I also wanted to share that my first experiment after the class was to work on my job. I started to work on different situations, it's hard to explain but I used Reiki on the "organizational culture" to put a name on it. OMG! energy started moving and a lot of issues (blocks) started to show up and be more visible. Things that have been always a problem started to show. 

Employees started to voice their opinions and issues between individuals were put in the open. This may be a first step to solve a big organizational deficiency, I will see in the future how it goes on...I am just amazed about this! I never thought it was so powerful!

As far as my own "gifts", I feel I am more open to receive that the universe has to offer. I am a lot more intuitive! I find myself telling people messages that I don't know where they come from. For example, I was buying some clothes and told the cashier "yeah, I came for a one thing and ending up picking a lot of things for myself....I believe we have to spoil ourselves more, always thing about husband, kids, and we forget about ourselves" ... I didn't even thing about those words, they just came out... the lady looked at me with tears in her eyes and said "WOW, that's just what I needed to hear, I was just debating about doing something for myself but I thought that it was selfish since I have a daughter, but now I will do it, thank you"....

A lot of magical "miracles" have been showing up in my world and it is wonderful. I am really exited about this new chapter in my life, because I really believe it is a new start for me. 

-Marina G.

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