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Integrated Class Schedule

To integrate your classes, this is the best flow:

Level 1

Beginner Classes: spiritual cleansing, working with angels and spirit guides, and shadow work

Reiki 1 online or in-person class

Level 2

Relationship Classes: soul mates and cord cutting

Reiki 2 online or in-person class

Level 3

Intuitive Classes: Intuitive Development or Intuitive Mediumship course

Reiki Master online or in-person class

Level 4

Intuitive Classes: Intuitive Discernment or Intuitive House Blessing class

Reiki Master Teacher online or in-person class

Intuitive Healing techniques are introduced at the Reiki Master level. Reiki is an essential tool for all intuitives, mediums, and healers to learn, as it brings clarity to all spiritual experiences.

fran elder reiki master teacher
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