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Student Praise

daniel watson reiki student
marie lamson reiki master student
paul morrison reiki student

Reiki 2

Learned a lot today, I really enjoyed the meditations. I appreciated the opportunity to practice sending distance healing to someone.

Thank you, Katie, for providing a warm and nurturing environment for us to learn in, as well as to ask as many questions as we needed to.

-Renee S.

Mind Blown!

After this course, I've come to a realization, I am intuitive. Call it Mercury, the Moon, New Age, or anything else you'd like, I'm going through a major transformative process and I'm loving it. This class has made it so easy to learn about these amazing realms. I will recommend this class to many others.

-Vanessa M.

Reiki Master Class

Loved the course. I appreciate knowing that I have a resource and a contact person, a TEACHER to reach out to. Coming into this- I didn't know what I was doing- I just went for something new. 

Little did I know how profound it would be and the effects it would have on my entire life. For teaching me, healing me, and helping me I am grateful!

-Katherine V.F.

Class was wonderful! I enjoy the open feel and the ability to ask questions and give input when needed. Very informative and I enjoy the inclusion of the angels and Ascended Masters in class. 

I found it very helpful that what we can expect was also included- i.e. heightened senses, psychic abilities, etc. 

Thanks again for another amazing class!

-Elizabeth R.

Reiki 1

Today was a great day. I had a wonderful experience with Katie, she was patient, very knowledgeable about Reiki, and this class was very informative. I learned a lot from her and will be taking Reiki II with her. I am glad to have found her!

-Shalonda E.

Thank you for your warmth and tenderness. I am always interested in hands-on work, step by step instruction and visuals. I love that the classes are small, in a very comfortable and loving environment. Beautiful host.

-Marisa O.

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