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 What my online Intuitive Class students are saying

"I wanted to double check my knowledge.."

Thanks so much, this intuitive house blessing class is helpful for any home blessing or clearing ceremony I am requested to give! I don't get these requests often but wanted to double check my knowledge before saying yes in the future. 

I just got my first bottle of holy water this year, I was guided to get it but did not know why (now I do!). The other items I use, except I've been considering switching to cedar or pine for wood burning as it's more indigenous to our Southern region.

I appreciate you sharing your knowledge and view point, I know it will come in handy when needed.

-Molly M.

"the classes were such a great tool.."

The intuitive development classes where such a great tool for me to use after my session. It helped me to take a step back and really process my session and dive in even deeper into the information that has helped me grow and flourish. You are such a kind soul and it makes my day every time I think of our session or just when you do a quick check up on me! I can’t thank you enough for your help in my healing journey that starts but never ends. Thank you Katie!

-Kendall H.

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