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Intuitive Readings
katie doing an intuitive reading

What's an intuitive medium?

An intuitive is a person who has the natural ability to "read" situations, people, and relationships, and gives guidance and advice based on what they see. My strongest senses read the connections between people and what would lead to their greatest happiness.

I guide you through your current situation and help you find your inner wisdom and its advice about making changes.

Click here to book an intuitive phone reading.

Intuitive Reading 55 minutes, $90


Where do your intuitive messages come from?

The messages I receive come from you. I'm not a typical reader, I don't guess what is going on. We talk about your situation in depth and I offer the insights I gather from both your energy and what you tell me. My job is to help you uncover things about yourself that your inner wisdom already knows.

Many times our intuitive wisdom is covered up by busyness, stress, anxiety, fears, insomnia, and chronic pain. Energy healing can alleviate these things so that your inner knowing is uncovered.

Please note I never make predictions for your future because your heart will lead you the way you need to go, and you will know your direction after a session with me.


"...your intuitive insight was super helpful"

Thank you Katie! Your intuitive insight was super helpful. Thank you for helping to center me, getting me back into alignment with my true self. Your abilities to see negative energies affecting someone is on point. Before coming to see you I felt clouded and as if my energies were being drawn from me by an unseen force. It was very hard to focus on making positive progress in my life. Your abilities helped me break free from that unknown negative energy and I now feel at peace, clear, and completely focused. I've been able to focus my positive energy on positive action and progress. Being able to take positive action based on my intuition and inspiration is a wonderfully powerful feeling. Currently on my life path and living everyday in the present moment. Happy to be free of draining negative energies. Thank you, thank you. I love you!

Stephanie P.

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