Private Reiki Classes

Reiki is a Japanese method of healing that is given by laying on of hands. Warm, soothing energy flows from the hands and promotes release and restoration of the energy centers. Gentle touch can reduce stress, calm anxiety, decrease pain, and foster a sense of well-being.

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  • Learn Reiki on yourself, others, plants, pets, and the Planet

    3 hr 30 min

    225 US dollars
  • Learn distance Reiki and about past lives, and begin healing karma

    3 hr 30 min

    175 US dollars
  • Become a Master of Reiki and an Intuitive Healer

    3 hr 30 min

    475 US dollars
  • Learn to teach and attune others

    3 hr 30 min

    116 US dollars
  • Master Teacher and Intuitive Healer Certification Course, 50+ hours

    3 hr

    1,053 US dollars
  • for current students

    1 hr

    50 US dollars

Anyone can learn and give Reiki. Please note that in the state of Florida one must be a licensed massage therapist to accept compensation for practicing Reiki. Anyone can teach Reiki in Florida.

My Reiki Master students who are not massage therapists will receive Intuitive Healer training. They must complete either 50 sessions as an Intern or 100 sessions as an Apprentice to be certified as an Intuitive Healer or Advanced Intuitive Healer.

See the Packages Page for Reiki class payment plans.

For changes to my business due to Covid-19, click here.

Registered Nurse

Healing Touch Practitioner  

Pranic Healer 

Reiki Master Teacher 

Reconnect with your inner wisdom so you can start healing today!

Reclaim your health, harmony, and happiness!

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