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This site uses cookies: we use Google Ads cookies to measure our ads' effectiveness. We have upgraded our Google Analytics to GA-4, which means that any data collected on our site is aggregate, and does not directly identify you. Apple and Facebook are upgrading their technology agreements, so we do not use the Facebook Pixel at this time.

Our company will never sell or share your information. With the advent of GDPR, advertisers like us no longer have access to specific demographic data. If you do not want to be tracked, use DuckDuckGo or Opera browser, and delete all cookies left over after you are finished searching the web.

Please note that private browsing sometimes stores cookies on your device.

If you share Protected Health Information (PHI) during your session, it is protected by IR HIPAA Privacy Policy. Please do not share any sensitive information with me over email, text, or any messenger app, these are not protected ways to share your information. Please ask for my dedicated email for confidential information, or you may you call me on my business line if you would like to discuss your PHI in detail.

Thank you for visiting.

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