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Healing for Kids

Energy Healing for Kids

Is your child highly sensitive or an indigo child? Does he or she see auras, spirits, or colors? 

Many kids are born with these gifts. Before age 9, when gifts are encouraged and developed, they can become lifelong.

Kids whose gifts are shut down by age 9 often lose them. If you have encouraged your child in the spiritual arts, I applaud you!

Kids who are sensitive or indigos (or crystal, rainbow, or other names) need encouragement and development to keep and hone their gifts.

Energy Healing for kids helps sensitive children cope with their environment. Healing does not mean that we allow your child to function only in the spiritual realms.

It means that we can help your child grow in their spiritual gifts, while being present in this life. 

It is rare for children over age 9 to be able to see both sides, beyond the veil. It is always a positive thing for your child to continue growing and learning about the other side.

Please note I do not help parents shut down a child's gifts in any way, and will not participate in labeling sensitive children with mental illness or other derogatory diagnoses.

Healing for Kids

Me with Riley when he was 7 years old. He is in middle school now. We worked on his anxiety.

Energy Healing Session

Regular Session $90

Package of three sessions, $75 each

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"Ms. Katie helped me the most with my anxiety."

I have trouble with my anxiety a lot of the time. She taught me how to calm myself down when I have anxiety.

Riley (7 years old)

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