Inuitive Energy Healing

How does energy healing work?

There are four layers in our energy fields; the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual layers. Whenever we have been through an illness, stress, trauma, or emotional issue, heavy energy can form in the layers of the energy field and cause energy flow to slow down or stop. 

Energy can also stop flowing in the seven energy centers (chakras) on the front and back of the body. Energy Healing balances and restores flow to the energy field and chakras.

Healing sessions can balance pain, stress, emotional trauma, and relieve insomnia and anxiety. Click here to watch a session.

What's an intuitive medium?

An intuitive is a person who has the natural ability to "read" situations, people, and relationships, and gives guidance and advice based on what they see. My strongest senses read the connections between people and what would lead to their greatest happiness.

I guide you through your current situation and help you find your inner wisdom and its advice about making changes.

Click here to book an intuitive reading.

Where do your intuitive messages come from?

The messages I receive come from you. I'm not a typical reader, I don't guess what is going on. We talk about your situation in depth and I offer the insights I gather from both your energy and what you tell me. My job is to help you uncover things about yourself that your inner wisdom already knows.

Please note I never make predictions because your heart will lead you the way you need to go, and you will know your direction after a session with me.

How do I develop my own intuition?

My online class Intuitive Development contains five written exercises for connecting with your core, authentic self, which is the inner guidance that drives our intuition. You'll learn about the intuitive senses and how they relate to our energy systems.

The course takes 45 minutes to one hour to complete.

You can purchase it by clicking here.


"One of the Best"

I absolutely adore Katie's ability to tune into a situation and give absolute clarity and insightful advice.  Through the years, it has been a blessing to watch her come into her purpose which is offering spiritual wisdom and healing to others.  Her experience and abilities as a natural healer make her one of the best.  Thank you, Katie, for our connection.  

 Heidi G.

Registered Nurse

Healing Touch Practitioner  

Pranic Healer 

Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher 

Let's reconnect you with your inner wisdom so you can start healing today!


Reclaim your health, harmony, and happiness!

In-person appointments available at Divine Wellness Spa in Winter Garden. Home visits to the Greater Orlando area. Intuitive Phone Readings and Energy Healing Distance Sessions offered worldwide.
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