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ATTN: There are people in our community impersonating my business and claiming to be my employees. There was a false BBB profile created for my business to fraudulently divert communication to one of these "employees" in Sept of 2019. I am a single member PLLC and I do not have, nor will I ever have employees. Reports have been filed.

If you are not a student, client, newsletter recipient, or interested friend of Intuitive Reconnections, I will not be sending you emails with links to click. Please forward any suspicious email to, and never click on any suspicious links or click on links in newsletters you did not initiate. Do not click unsubscribe links. Click your email provider's spam filter and allow them to unsub for you. Do not open or click on links in suspicious texts, delete them or forward them to the FTC at


I do not sell items. Please contact me if you receive any fraudulent bank or credit card charges, or if you receive any type of communication (text, email, call) claiming to be from me or from my business. I advertise only on Google and Instagram, and I DO NOT cold call, text, or email anyone.


Do not forward any suspicious email or text to me. Occasionally the email you signed up with will slip through a filter on MailChimp or Wix mailing lists. If you receive another email from me after unsubbing, please let me know by using my Contact Page and I will archive or delete your information myself.

Thank you.

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