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Distance Reiki Healing
distance healing, remote healing

Distance Healing Session

Regular Session 1 hour, $120

What is distance healing?

Distance healing is much like sending prayers or healing vibes to someone. I connect with you over the phone and we discuss the questions and issues you have. My intuitive reading takes 30 minutes.

Then I connect with you energetically. I send distance reiki healing which takes approximately 20 minutes, and then call back to discuss the results and your questions for the remainder of our hour together.

How can you possibly feel something when I'm miles away?

As a clairsentient (someone with clear feeling), I can feel what my clients are feeling by connecting to their energy. The energy body and its connections to other people is actually easier to read than the physical body because its reveals all of the energetic blocks in the field, chakras, and cords right away.

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 Anita C.


"I felt different in positive ways after our long distance session.."

Katie really helped me work through some personal, emotional issues I had been dealing with. She helped give me more understanding and spoke to me with so much compassion and care. I felt very comfortable opening up to her, and I could feel the energy work she was doing on me. I felt different in positive ways after our long distance session and even when I had a temporary setback she was there for me by quickly responding to my email.

I continued to get helpful advice from her even after our session. I will definitely recommend her and will work with her again in the future. I know I can turn to her again if I need to like a forever friend. She helped me get more in tune with myself, and I am grateful for her. 

She truly has a gift to help others work through any struggles they are facing.

Melissa M.

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