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Become a Metaphysical Healer



Are you ready to learn to heal yourself and others?

What would it be like to have the energy of healing in your hands and use it every day?

I became a healer so that I could help others learn to heal too. I took the regular reiki classes taught by an instructor. I want to welcome you to a new way to learn, online. Master Usui, the founder of modern Reiki, discovered the energy in his hands after a 21 day fast and meditation journey up a sacred mountain called Mount Kurama. You too can have the energy of Reiki placed in your hands through an online attunement guided by me.

In Reiki I classes we learn to heal ourselves, others, plants, animals, and the planet. We heal blockages in our energy systems and chakras, and activate deep healing through daily self-Reiki. Next, in Reiki II we learn how to heal our karmic ties and patterns and how to send distance healing. In Master level classes we learn full body techniques and healing our life path, so that we can heal others. In Teacher level we learn to attune and teach others Reiki. 

Metaphysics is the study of energy and its relationship to our consciousness. There are many topics that encompass metaphysics, and I have integrated three of them with each level of our Reiki classes so that you can become a well-rounded healer. 

In Reiki I level we learn about spirit guides and angels, and how to heal our shadow. In Reiki II the focus is on karma and healing our relationships, so we learn about soul contracts, twin flames, and cord cutting. In Master level we learn to hone our intuition so that we can become better healers. At this level you can decide which intuitive class you would like to take to hone your intuition. At Teacher level it is helpful to learn the advanced lessons to protect yourself and your practice. 


Each Reiki class includes email and text support from me as well as a virtual meditation and attunement. It is important to be attuned by a live Reiki Master and not by a video or audio recording. Attunements bring you into alignment with the Reiki energy and set you on a path of true healing of mind, body, and spirit.  

katie doing a healing

Level 1

Reiki 1 online class- learn to heal yourself, others, pets, plants, and the planet

Beginner Classes: spiritual cleansing, working with angels and spirit guides, and shadow work

Level 2

Reiki 2 online class- learn distance healing and karmic healing

Relationship Classes: soul mates, twin flames, and cord cutting

Level 3

Reiki Master online class- learn to hone your intuition to heal yourself and others

Intuitive Classes: Intuitive Development, Intuitive Mediumship or Intuitive Discernment course

Level 4

Reiki Master Teacher online class- learn to teach Reiki

Advanced Classes: Preventing Psychic Attacks, Repelling Psychic Vampires, Dismantling Witchcraft 

Intuitive Healing techniques are introduced at the Reiki Master level. Reiki is an essential tool for all intuitives, mediums, and healers to learn, as it brings clarity to all spiritual experiences.

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"I thoroughly enjoyed the online class.."

I thoroughly enjoyed the Reiki I online class. I found the manual easy to read and absorb. It is full of information that is not readily available. Of course, your availability to answer questions along the way was invaluable!

Thank you for that!

Kim V.

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