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Energy Rebirth
katie and baby elle

Book a session for you or a friend


Energy Rebirth Session, $135

1 hour 45 minutes             


Three Session Rebirth Package, $120 each

Rebirth can be done any time after baby comes, even years after!

Do you know a mom who has been through a birth she didn't expect?

Energy Rebirth is one of the most powerful techniques that can connect a mother with her baby after a birth that wasn't what she expected.

Many mothers have been through a difficult birth experience or postpartum depression, and are having trouble moving on.  Any time a mother has experiences that are different from what she expected, she needs emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical healing.

Energy balancing for mom and Reconnection with her baby, who is completely aware at birth, is a beautiful process and one that can be very healing for any mother who is struggling with the realities of birth and a new baby, or expanding her family.

Call 407-490-8621 to book a session or a package

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