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Life Energy flows through
all living things

Welcome to Intuitive Energy Healing



Just by connecting with me, you have opened the door for Divine Harmony to enter your life.

Are you ready to feel better?

How would it feel to wake up refreshed, and go through your day anxiety and stress free?

How would you feel with less pain?

We all have a still, small voice called our inner wisdom. When we reconnect with this inner healer, we uncover intuitive ways to heal. Physical, mental and emotional issues are often caused by our human tendency to suppress our inner knowing. Healing can be done in many ways.

Intuitive Reading means taking the time to sit with you and discuss your life and the things that you feel are standing in the way of your healing. Your energy and your inner wisdom reveal themselves to healers like me, and are reflected back to you so that you can understand your next steps.

Energy Healing treatments are given after your reading based on what came up to be healed. I offer my own intuitive blend of energy healing. I have been trained in Reiki, Healing Touch, Pranic Healing, Eden Energy Medicine, past life regression, mediumship, and spiritual healing.

Intuitive Energy Healing shifted everything in my life. I have become less mentally stressed, more positive, and have healed a long-term physical issue. Intuitive Energy Medicine can help you heal body, mind, and spirit. 


Reconnect with your intuition and reclaim your health, harmony, and happiness today.

Book your session and start healing!

© 2017 Intuitive Reconnections PLLC

Serving Winter Garden and the Greater Orlando area

•Clear your mental clutter and busy mind
•Relieve recurring insomnia
•Decrease stress and anxiety levels
•Create healthy boundaries with family members
•Release anger and old patterns
•Practice mindfulness and compassion for others
•Relieve chronic pain
•Decrease surgical healing time
•Recover from injuries and trauma
katie distance reiki healing

Disclaimer: as a Holistic Nurse, I do not diagnose medical conditions or prescribe medicine.

Energy Healing is a complimentary therapy and is not meant to replace medical care. 

No Content on this Website should be interpreted as Medical Advice.

I do not take insurance or bill insurance for you.

In the state of Florida i teach Reiki and practice Healing Touch & Pranic Healing.


"HUGE thank you..."

HUGE thank you to Katie for such an amazing experience!! How I felt when I walked in versus how I felt when I walked out was literally like night and day. I came in with blockages, stress, and anxiety. Katie was able to remove all of it.


I no longer felt blocked, clouded or stressed. I felt light as a feather. I could feel myself vibrating at a higher level. It's a beautiful feeling! 10/10 highly recommend.

Siobhan M.


Do you know someone that needs an energy balance in their life, or healing touch?

How about a friend far away that needs some love. Whether it's for someone near or far away, Gift Certificates are available for any reason or occasion.  

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