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Intuitive Healer Certification

molly mac reiki student

Molly MacCartney 

Empowered Wisdom Coach

Have you ever thought about starting a healing business? Are you gifted or sensitive and want to practice the healing arts?

Join me on an 18 month journey to become a spiritual healer. I was mentored by three amazing women, and I have passed on this love and care to many of my students and business associates.

Ten out of my 30 Reiki Master students have become teachers. Reiki sets us on a healing path like no other, and brings amazing gifts to our lives at the Master Teacher level.

My certification program includes the series of four Reiki classes, Intuitive Development or Mediumship classes (your choice), and other online class content. 

You will practice your intuitive healing skills under my guidance for a year and a half. 25 sessions including the ones with me are required.

To apply for Intuitive Healer Certification and work together, call 407-490-8621 or use my Contact Page


Click here for more info about my Advanced Intuitive Healer Certification.

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