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Learn important techniques to clear your living space of negative or stagnant energy. Herbs, oils, plants, and items to add to your home can all be integrated into healing your home or living space.


You will learn how to clear your home by the end of the class.



Supply list

Spiritual protection methods: plants, oils, oil spotting, lavender wash, spiritual bathing

Mediumship: presences in a home, human, non-human, collective and negative energies

Using advanced cleansing supplies

Notes on smudging

Notes on witch jars

Notes on cultural appropriation in spiritual cleansing practices


In order to clear a home or living space, it is necessary to understand mediumship skills and work with compassion with those energies that are present in and around a home. Without compassion, clearing does not work. This topic is expanded in this class.


This class is written in outline form. It is meant to help you understand and categorize the energies that can be present in a home. You will use this class as an outline and guide when clearing your space.


Intuitive Guidance included with each class. You can schedule your follow up session with me after you complete it.


Intuitive House Blessing Class

  • I will email you the link for your follow-up reading when you complete your purchase and download the class. Please let me know if you have any issues with the download.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions.

    This material is copyrighted by IR and Katie Martinez, RN. All Rights Reserved.

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