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Reiki in Pregnancy
pregnancy reiki

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Pregnancy Energy Healing

1 hour 45 minutes, $135

Package of three sessions, $120 each

Healing can be done as long as you are comfortable laying on a table for 30 minutes or more. You can lay on your side.

Reiki and Healing Touch support pregnant women through physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual changes that bringing a new life into the world requires.


Energy treatments benefit mom and her growing baby by:

  • Reducing stress and fatigue

  • Reducing nausea, indigestion, and heartburn caused by a rise in HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) hormone and progesterone

  • Relieving the discomforts of pregnancy, such as round ligament pain and pain from loosening joints due to an increase in relaxin hormone 

  • Assisting women in balancing their emotional energy and staying grounded

  • Visualizing the birth process, education about the stages of labor, and visualization of optimal positioning of the baby help a mother prepare for healthy birth. 

Call 407-490-8621 to book a session or a package

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