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What's the difference between spiritual healing- and everything else?

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

I often have people ask if they should do what I do. There are a few differences between spiritual healing and other professions, that I wasn't aware of when I started. Knowing these can help you decide if this is a profession you would want to do.

When I first started going to my Healing Touch practitioner, I didn't know what to expect. We talked about my aura, and my past lives, and my abilities. That shifted many things in my life and started me on the path to healing- in a way that I hadn't experienced before.

My healer said that I had gifts- I have always been able to feel shifts in collective consciousness, and I have been praying for everyone in the world since I was in Kindergarten. I have felt premonitions when large shifts were coming for different populations, and have seen innovations coming in dreams and other visions.

I really didn't know what to do with these things. And until I met my next teacher, I didn't know that these abilities are often passed down in family lines. Karmically, we come to this world to learn certain life lessons and to grow. And we do not grow in this life if we don't use our gifts.

Starting to get in touch with my abilities was new to me. I knew things, and I didn't know how I knew them, and then they would come true. The thing is, clairvoyance, psychic abilities, and sometimes even healing abilities can be passed down in families. My grandmother was intuitive, and so is my mother.

I never really chalked up a whole lot to my premonitions. I thought it was neat that I knew things- but didn't really think it was anything special. One of my teachers said that clairvoyants who have strong gifts often struggle with them. I didn't struggle with them as much as I needed to hone them in.

There is not much you can do if you have a spiritual ability, except either shut it down or hone it. Many, many people with spiritual abilities passed down to them do not want anyone to know they have them- they have either been shamed for them, or been overwhelmed. So they shut them down, until they decide it is time to use them.

When I started doing energy healing, I was overwhelmed by the amount of psychic information I was getting, and the premonitions I was having. It was as if my guidance was trying to stack the next ten years, so that I would have ideas about what was coming. But it was a lot, sometimes too much.

This is when I started to seek out mentors and teachers. It was very helpful to understand that I was not the only one with gifts that have been passed down this way. And it was very helpful to understand, that even though I had asked for more spiritual experiences, that I could hone them, instead of trying to manage them.

There are similarities and differences between spiritual healing and other professions. Both take time to learn. Both need teachers and mentors once you "graduate" and need to learn how to work in the real world with what you have chosen. Without mentors, healers often get lost and don't know the next steps to take when they are challenged with something new.

The things that are different surprised me. For new spiritual healers, doing spiritual work takes 3-5 hours per client, for preparation, then the healing, then integration, clearing, and follow-up. It sometimes takes a day or two to prepare the body to channel the energy needed for the healing.

I was surprised to learn that full time for a brand new spiritual healer was 15 hours a week. Since it took me at least 3-5 hours per client, sometimes this meant only one a day, sometimes every few days. When we learn to channel light energy, to heal others, we need to build up the ability to hold it.

What does this mean? Channelling energy means that the light healing energy comes through you to heal both you and the person in front of you. You need to become a clear container for the energy. This means a good diet, exercise, enough sleep, and a practice like prayer, meditation, or journaling to clear your mind.

It takes time to become a clear container. The energy heals you as it heals others, so each time you do a healing, you need to take some time to integrate your own changes, as well as any impressions or information you get during the session from your abilities. As you heal more, your intuition gets stronger.

I was always surprised that teachers would question their students' intuition. The small inner voice inside of us always guides us, no matter where we are and what we do. I would hear teachers saying that this was the ego. For my students, we ask that the ego step aside before doing treatments, so that the intuition can shine.

The ego has its own ideas about how people need to heal. Our minds actually have a lower resonance than our hearts, so when we ask our mind to step aside, the heart's knowing comes through. It is much easier to work from your heart than it is to work from your head.

Over time, you become a better container for the energy. You are able to hold more and do more healings. I would not suggest going over 15 clients a week, though, even though you believe you can integrate what you learn after each client. Being a spiritual healer isn't a 40 hour work week, unless you have been doing it for a very long time.

The other thing that is different about spiritual healing is that sometimes after a while, our abilities upgrade or change. We may become more psychic versus intuitive, or our clairvoyance might take over for a while. Every spiritual teacher and healer I know takes time off when this happens.

There are few professions where a sabbatical is a completely accepted way to integrate the energy that you are working with. Spiritual healing is one. If your container isn't clear, you can't heal anyone else. You need to clear yourself first, and you often need one of your friends to do it.

This is why I have always maintained a tight network, and have referred potential clients to others, and have had clients referred to me. Not everyone resonates with our energy, and not everyone will match the gifts we have at any given time. Sometimes for healers, nothing seems to go right.

Often this can be because it is time to upgrade, shift into something new, or take a break. One of my teachers said, if life isn't flowing and you're not clear, then it's time for you to get on your own table. This is a practice that has always served me, and always helped me maintain my practice over time.

I have had people ask me why healers charge what they do for healings. One of my friends is a gifted and talented healer, and she charges what she is worth. Because there is so much prep and downtime required, it makes sense to charge what our time is worth. I think if more people knew the prep and follow-up involved, it would not be a question.

The other thing that needs to be understood is that when we integrate a new healer into our community, we have to support him or her in healing themselves. It takes time to heal yourself and become a clear container, and the people that are attracted to you at first will be at your same resonance.

Over time, when you get clearer, you will create a different resonance and a different client base, which is perfectly ok. But sometimes, new healers get stuck when they don't want to move past the things they know they need to clear in order to heal others. They are surprised when spiritual experiences upgrade, or when their abilities change.

This is often when healers quit. They run into a wall, and refuse to take time off. And this lack of integration makes it difficult to attract anyone, let alone the energies you resonate with. If you don't help yourself clear your energy, or ask one of your healer friends for help, you get stuck.

Any time we ignore our inner voice, that becomes an issue. It is a problem for people in general, because they ignore their gut. In the order of highest knowing to lowest, the heart, then the gut, then the mind understand what is going on. The mind is the lowest resonance of the three.

There is a difference between the mind and the consciousness. The inner gut and heart voice is more closely related to consciousness than the mind is. If we clear the way for our intuition to come through, it is very easy to see our next steps. This is part of what I do with clients, we uncover their inner wisdom so that they can move forward.

It is just as important to do this for ourselves, if this is a profession we want to pursue. If we don't listen to our inner voice, our clairvoyance can take over, and start giving us more visions, or our psychic ability takes over and really begins giving us everything it can. Once we learn to use our intuition like a muscle, everything flows.

There is another reason why you need mentors beyond yourself and your own abilities. Everyone practices differently, based on what their strengths are. I noticed that most healers who try to go full time quit after a year, because they run into psychic energy from others, or experiences they cannot explain or are uncomfortable with.

This is the time to take time off and go get a healing from someone else. Integrating our spiritual experiences is just as important as having them. If we don't integrate what we have learned, we don't grow and move forward. People grow by leaps and bounds as spiritual healers, but if they are not ready, they do quit.

It is also important to understand that if you want to add teaching to your healing practice, you must learn to be a container of energy for your students. Whether it is in a group or one-on-one, it is the same requirement to be a clear channel. You need practice and time to get good at teaching many energies at once. And you need to integrate your experiences.

I went into spiritual healing because I knew that it was something I had done most of my life, in one capacity or another. It was time to hone my gifts and use them to the best of my ability to help others in a different way. I had become frustrated with everything else I had learned, and it was time to step into the spiritual part of helping people.

It has been ten years now. I have been taking care of others since I was little, but nothing has helped me grow as much as being a healer and intuitive has. I have taken time off five times. My friends who do what I do full time have also taken time off to integrate and heal themselves.

Being a spiritual healer is not for everyone. There are people who have gifts, but take shortcuts to get there with substances or other ways of doing things. What these spiritual bypass methods actually do is simply unground someone so that they can see the spiritual realms better. They do not last, or the healer becomes reliant on the gateway to get there.

You have to hone your gifts, and you have to do it in a way that honors the body, because your channel is your tool. If you don't walk the talk, people often see this as false, and you will resonate less and less with the people you could be helping. You absolutely have to be a clear container to do healings often and regularly.

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