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The weight we carry (and why)

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Have you ever wondered why it's sometimes impossible to lose extra weight? Why we keep adding to our bodies and can't seem to get rid of what is (literally) weighing us down? Energetically, we have four layers to our energy fields. We have the physical or etheric layer, the emotional or astral layer, the mental layer, also called our consciousness, and the spiritual layer. When we've been through trauma, had our boundaries crossed, been abused, or had other things happen in our lives physically, often we don't have those energetic boundaries repaired. What this means is that the physical body often compensates by adding another layer or by attempting to expand the physical or etheric layer of our bodies. It's as if the body doesn't know what else to do, and adds physical padding to protect the energy body. For example, I had a client whose husband was verbally abusive to her and treated her badly. After a while she stopped responding verbally, but her body added a lot of weight as another layer of protection to compensate. When they divorced, the weight started to come off, after she understood what her body had been doing. Repairing the layers around the energy body, with energy work like Reiki and Healing Touch, also helps heal the physical body. Often physical issues manifest in the energy layers before they manifest in the body. There's a grid around our energy field, and repairing this grid after trauma or other life events is very helpful when we want to shed those extra pounds. There's one more thing to consider, if what we are holding onto is holding us down, literally weighing the body down. Did we have a difficult time growing up or have something tragic happen in our lives? Looking at these things in an inuitive session is very helpful. Have questions? Want to book a session? Email me at or call 407-490-8621. Reiki Love, Katie

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