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How to set (and keep) boundaries

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

You may have heard a lot of talk about boundaries in the past, those situations where someone is pushing our limits, and we need to set some parameters around our interaction. Boundaries are in place to keep the interaction intact and to let other people know what our limits are.

Boundaries in energy work are a little bit different. Like the ridges in the image, there are energetic boundaries around our bodies. They are called energy layers.

We have four basic energy layers in our bodies, the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual layers. These layers act to keep our aura intact, and keep our energy flowing in the aura. The physical layer is a copy of the physical body, and it contains all the physical issues we have in our bodies energetically. The emotional layer contains our expressed emotions, and reflects how we are feeling. The emotional layer can contain energy blocks in the form of cloudy masses of emotion.

The mental layer is our consciousness. It contains all of our thoughts, memories, and mantras that we say to ourselves all of the time. It can also contain blocks in our thoughtforms, which look like tangled webs. The spiritual layer contains all of the spiritual experiences we have in this life.

When we interact with others, our layers of our aura interact. This is what we mean when we talk about boundaries. Each layer of the aura has a boundary that keeps it intact. Our aura comes out about six feet from the body. When we interact with others, our auras intermingle and our boundaries touch each other.

The most common way for people to interact is for their mental and emotional layers to touch. When we feel what others are feeling or sense what others are thinking our auras are interacting. The mental and emotional layers can become compromised, though. When someone pushes our boundaries this can happen.

For example, I had a client who had some very surprising and explosive stories to tell. Each time she landed a bomb of a story, she pushed a boundary to see if I was going to react. This is a classic example of pushing boundaries, and can lead to frustration when our boundaries are breached.

Other ways to push boundaries are not as explosive. People can push our buttons and we can react in different ways. This means that our energetic boundaries are literally being pushed toward us or pushed to the side so that the person can get into the aura more deeply and push on our chakras. This is what we mean when we say someone pushes our buttons.

When there is a trauma, boundaries in our aura can become damaged or display a pattern where they are permanently bent in toward our bodies. These types of traumas are what cause indentations and tears and rips in the aura. These can be repaired with Reiki or energy work.

To keep strong boundaries, it helps to visualize the edges of our energy layers and see them strong and cohesive. This means that our boundaries are firm and intact. When someone pushes our buttons, or pushes boundaries, we can visualize a mirror facing them on the outside of our aura. The mirror acts to repel them, and they can see themselves and their actions reflected back on them.

If we have been affected by trauma and our boundaries are not intact, it helps to have healing done so that our boundaries can reclaim their strength and resilience.

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