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  • Katie Martinez, RN, BSN, RM

Psychic Vampires

Updated: Jun 14

I had a student in our Reiki 2 class ask me about Energy Vampires. People that draw and suck out energy from others and either do it consciously or unconsciously. I said that Vampires and humans are two different species, and a human can't actually be a vampire. There is a real and palpable difference between the two. Vampires are out to destroy you, take your blood or life force energy. When they first engage they draw from you. They continue to draw from you until you are debilitated or dead (depending on the type), and then move on to the next victim. It is very rare that a human is acting as a Vampire. Some humans do drink blood, and some are "adept" at energy exchange, drawing from willing donors, but not to the point of death. That is the main distinction. Vampires are out for destruction, no matter what the cost. Humans, usually, are not. When I was growing up, my father was seen as the family vampire. He would draw emotion and energy from us. I have come to call people like this energy takers or energy feeders, because humans can't be vampires, although they can have vampire attachments. I met my first psychic (energetic) vampire when I first started doing spiritual work. He would imitate the words other people had said to me, and I would hear them in my head. I met my second one at a yoga studio. He was a collector. He would collect energy from the collective of the class. The teacher was skilled at channelling but unaware that he was chanelling a psychic vampire. He enjoyed the mind-reading that the vampire would do, and enjoyed the fill-up of energy he received after class. He didn't understand why his students kept leaving, and that was because they were repelled by the vampire. I tried to take this vampire home, and get him away from the students. A collector of energy is just fine where he is, until the energy runs out. I saw impending disaster for this studio if it didn't maintain the flow of clients for the vampire to feed on. And I told the instructor he should clear his space and rid himself of the entity, but he dismissed me. I have had experiences with several psychic vampires, and so have my students and clients. Psy vamps feed on energy. They are destructive to people and finances, and they will usually drain you until you are debilitated and non-functional, and then look for another victim. Psy vamps are notoriously hard to get rid of. Here are some signs you have encountered one: You feel drained after interacting with the person who has a vampire attached, so much that you need to take a nap or go to bed. For an unattached vampire, you hear your own thoughts repeated back to you in your head, or you hear a voice that sounds like yours in your head. You feel cords entering your crown, solar plexus, or root chakra and drawing energy out. You feel highly emotional and want to weep or rage, and express deep emotion that the psy vamp can feed on. You are psychically attacked. Vampires focus on several areas. Many will try to strangle you or drain energy from the mouth, hands, or pelvic areas. You are confused. The cords in the head and the breach of the energy field around the head can wreak havoc on the mind. Your finances suffer. You overspend or feel that your finances are being manipulated, i.e. supporting a business that is failing or not getting any return on your investment. Once the vampire begins to attach to you, you may feel fear and anxiety, like you can't function, you can't make clear decisions, or you may feel it taking up residence in your body or energy field. The messages you receive from the psy vamp are mildly benevolent (usually with a twist) or outright malevolent. The reason vampire attachments and psy vamps are notoriously hard to get rid of is that many people make pre-life contracts with these beings in order to learn a life lesson. Many times the lesson is to not allow others to take your power. I had one client who had a resident psychic vampire in her home. The vampire was protecting her from all current and future men who entered her home to date her, because she had been severely abused in her previous relationship. I told her that until she changed her vibrational pattern that attracted abusive men, this being would stay to feed on the energy that entered. He would psychically attack and try to strangle any man that came into the house. I had another client who wanted to learn about Psi (mental energy) and how to read others' thoughts. Psychic vampires are in a class of beings who are highly psychic and able to read thoughts and emotions, the crude ones by cording, the more developed and advanced ones by reading the mental field around the head and body. He had a psy vamp attached to him for a time until he figured out that reading others' thoughts wasn't that glamorous. My suggestions for clearing a psychic vampire: You can wait it out. You can see what it wants and what it is feeding on and stop the supply of what it is feeding on, whether that be emotions, thoughts, money, or people. You can discover what the contract is with the vampire, what is the life lesson to be learned. You can learn from the lesson or revoke the contract. You can clear it from your body using spiritual bathing methods. You can consciously choose to heal those areas that were left open for it to take up residence, by filling them with light. You can acknowledge it. You can tell it that you hear it, hear its messages, want to help it, and try to send light to it. (This approach rarely works, but does work sometimes with a newly initiated vampire.) YOU can change your vibration so that you are no longer a target of vampiric energy. Are you highly emotional? Just becoming more neutral in your emotional reactions is sometimes enough to repel a psy vamp. You can move out of victim mentality. Just being in this field of energy is a magnet for vampires. Learn how to empower yourself and say NO. The ideal situation is for your internal vibration that attracted the vampire in the first place to change, so it moves on. Vampires are ancient beings and are not easily destroyed. Now as for clearing a blood vampire out of your life, I hope you are never in that situation. For more information on psychic vampires you can read the Psychic Vampire Codex by Michelle Belanger. I wish you peace, happiness, and a wonderful Halloween. Boo!

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