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Spiritual Vampirism in the Digital Age

energy vampire

Vampires are an idea that is as old as time. The undead would bother and harass the living, sucking energy from them. Some living humans claimed to have been drained of blood.

In modern times, blood vampires are rare. Psychic and energy vampires, however, are rampant. This type of energy taking has become worse and worse with the advent of the internet.

Seven years ago, when I learned Reiki and became a Master, my Reiki guides came to me. They taught me many things. One of my first lessons was about psychic, spiritual, and energy vampires.

Most Reiki masters do not have this experience. However, I was healing from a suicide. My father had been an emotional and psychic vampire. My guides said that this was for my learning.

Vampires have several defining features. They have been known to wait for years, sometimes decades, to attack. If you believe in the legends of the immortal vampires, they wait for millennia.

Vampires choose their targets carefully. Usually they prey on people who have already been victims, or who have some type of weakness. They choose the victim who is least likely to fight back.

They wait, and gather information about their victim over time. Vampires remain in the background, watching their prey. In olden times they were said to stand outside of homes, remaining invisible and keeping an eye on things, gathering energy.

Once a vampire has enough information about a person, they strike. The spiritual vampires that have been around for millennia do this very quickly. They strike and leave, draining the victim before they know what happened.

With the advent of the internet, people have begun to learn spiritual vampirism, and are beginning to practice it more and more. A spiritual vampire is someone who astral travels to another person, often at night. They drain energy from the other person while they are sleeping.

When we developed our avatars and started to use the internet, it allowed us to connect to people all over the world. We made friends everywhere. As we got to know the people we resonated with, our astral bodies started to sync.

We are in our astral bodies when we are asleep and dreaming. We are also astral traveling when we are daydreaming. The internet ungrounded people and put them more in touch with their avatar, or true essence. This meant that once people were in their true essence, they were able to astral travel readily.

The internet and being on the computer naturally ungrounds us. It puts us in the energy of the upper chakras. When this happens, we tend to come up and out of our bodies, into our astral bodies. This means that if something happens online, we can astral travel readily.

At first, this meant that people in relationships online or in groups could "check in" with each other. They could discern when the person in an online relationship with them was having a bad day or needed help, just by checking in with them. This means that their astral bodies were literally meeting up and checking in with each other's emotions.

Over time, people were online so much and out of their bodies so often that they would astral travel to each other in their sleep. There were many instances in my online groups where people had been visited at night. Many times this was a positive experience. It isn't always, though.

Sometimes, when conflict happens online, what is happening energetically is that person is astral traveling to the other person, and attacking them. This is a type of spiritual vampirism. Any time we are attacking someone online, via trolling, or arguing, or in any type of conflict, psychic vampires call this biting.

We have bitten a person if we started a fight online. And then the person responds strongly to their energy being bitten. Any time a strong response is elicited, this is spiritual vampirism.

This is also classic vampire behavior. Over time, the vampire gathers information about a person by watching them. This is made very simple over the internet. Spiritual vampires in history would astral travel to their victims at night and either drain them or cause their targets to have horrible nightmares.

People have become accustomed, through using the internet, to acting in the way these vampires act. My guides showed me seven years ago that this would happen. I had no idea how, as social media was still young and the astral traveling had just started. But things have changed.

Technically, hackers are spiritual vampires. They watch your accounts and gather data for a long period of time, just like psychic vampires have done for centuries. When they have enough to attack, they do. This is like a vampire bite, designed to elicit a reaction.

The best defense against a spiritual vampire is to not react, at all. If you do not react, you do not give the vampire any energy to play with. That is literally what vampires do after they bite. They toy with people and play with the energy they have bitten off.

It is sad that the internet has become a gateway for psychic vampires to teach people how to act like them. And it is sad that people are being victimized by these human spiritual vampires every day.

Rest assured that any type of vampirism incurs karmic debt on the part of the vampire. Hurting other human beings in any way creates negative karma that is carried over into the next life, if it is not healed in this life.

If you are having issues with a person astral traveling to you or spiritually attacking you, book an intuitive reading or healing with me.

For more information about Psychic Vampires, see my Advanced Lessons.

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