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Becoming a Guru

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

I never like to call myself a Guru. My guru friends keep telling me that the true guru is within, and the real inner voice is the one that teaches me. It is the same for everyone, the inner voice will truly tell you what you can do. I hate the word "Guru". It doesn't seem to fit me, although I do have female friends who call themselves Gurus. I prefer to call myself a helpmate, or a friend, or a guide, someone who can give advice.

My treatments center on a full discussion prior to Reiki. In the discussion we talk about your main issue of concern. Many times, usually most times, my clients come to their own conclusions as to what they need to do to move on in their lives. Reiki does shake up your life and will change it, based on what your INNER VOICE will tell you during our session.

I have been nicknamed the silent guru. I will listen until you discover your inner voice. I am simply a guide, helping you to uncover what you need to know. Please be advised I DO NOT do cold readings, there are many other practitioners available who do them. My readings are discussions about your life story and what you need to know to move forward.

Over the Christmas break I started my second block of lessons with materials from the Dalai Lama. I have been studying Lama Samten's writings, he is from Canada, and his student teacher is Jason Simard. I have also been reading the buddhist book Dakini Power, which talks about buddhist women and buddhist nuns.

Many people say that they want to become a guru, but this is simply untrue. It is extremely difficult to become a guru, because you will experience many initiations and many spiritual awakenings. Becoming a spiritual seeker is the first step. I am still and will always be a seeker and a provider of truth.

I have been offline for all of December and January, and will continue to do so until I feel ready to take clients again. Thank you for understanding.

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