What's behind the name?

Updated: Nov 6

When I was coming up with a name for my healing business, I had a friend online who called hers Intuitive Connections (she's in Australia). I was drawn to the name and the concept of reconnection with our inner selves and our inner wisdom.

We often know what our inner vision or wisdom is saying, and ignore it. Reconnecting with that still, small voice inside is sometimes possible through meditation or disciplines like yoga, or through prayer. Often, Reiki connects us directly with our inner knowing in a way that produces perfect clarity on our path.

When I am confused about a message my inner voice is sending or wisdom from someone else, I often ask Archangel Gabriel, the Divine Messenger, to translate for me. I ask for the message to come through with perfect clarity in the sense that I am used to receiving through. For many people this is journaling.

So, the name. When we have been through trauma or a difficult period or happening in our lives, often we have what is called astral disintegration. We have several layers in the energy body, one of which is the emotional or astral layer. This layer often collapses when we have a divorce, death, or major shift or change. It almost always gets unraveled with trauma.

Unfortunately it can shatter like glass and it can be very hard to put the pieces back together. If you have ever heard someone say they are broken after an event, this is what they are referring to. After my father's three suicide attempts I was a rather broken person. After his completion with the fourth attempt, I was surely completely broken.

The name is related to my journey through the world of spiritual healing, and the attempts to reconnect my astral body after it collapsed. Trauma unravels our memories of the event, and disconnects us from the feelings related to it. Many times when people access their trauma during healing, they blank out or dissociate to distance themselves from the pain it caused.

I have been on this journey of healing for eight years, during which my father completed suicide. I asked God to heal the broken parts of me and to please put the pieces back together. Unfortunately the pieces never go back to the exact place they were before.

The lovely thing about reconnection, though, is that the pieces go back together in a different way. We develop new understandings and resilience through the healing process. In my work with trauma we are literally picking up the pieces and moving on with our lives.

Some people want to see the trauma and put themselves back together, some do not. Either way we are reconnecting with the inner wisdom that tells us the path to take. When I put the pieces back together, I accessed a place within myself that had total vision of his connection with death and felt the emotions associated with that.

Sometimes, in dealing with trauma, we unravel again, to separate the connections that we have sewed back together, but are not functioning well. Our coping skills aren't what they should be and we are blocking our healing. In times like this it is always best to give our healing up to the Divine, and allow the pieces to fit back together in a more wise way.

Reconnecting the astral body is one of my loves and one of the reasons why I do my work. Holding someone's hand as the Divine heals them is an amazing responsibility that I do not take lightly. I have seen many people come through trauma stronger, with more clarity and wisdom than when they started.

I'd love to help you reconnect with your inner wisdom. To work with me, book an Intuitive Reading or a Healing Session.

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