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The Real Healing

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

I don't often write about my personal experiences with Reiki healing because they could fill a book! When I first started to do Reiki healing on others, I couldn't feel it working or notice results. My clients were saying they were getting results, but I couldn't feel it coming out of my hands. I read Essential Reiki by Diane Stein and she said much the same was happening to her, she couldn't feel it at first.

I took advice from a local Reiki Master who said, "anyone who offers Reiki to others should at minimum be practicing on themselves." So, I did. I started to practice Reiki on myself every day. I would take about 5 to 20 minutes in the morning and give myself a treatment.

After about three weeks I started to feel it coming out of my hands and would get feedback from clients that they were feeling great. I continued doing self-Reiki for the next four years.

I have Hashimoto's, a long-standing thyroid issue that is autoimmune related. You can see it affecting the thyroid with labwork. My thyroid hormones were out of whack and my body was producing an antibody against my thyroid. I had already changed my diet, but it was slow to heal.

In energy circles the body attacking the thyroid simply has to do with speaking up for the self, as we are attacking the energy center at the throat and vocal cords. Over the next four years I learned a lot in the process about not only speaking up for myself, but also about self-healing.

Reiki does not allow dis-ease to continue in the body. The Divine Energy very simply heals it. I often felt heat in my thyroid area and sometimes burning. After four years of daily self-healing, my thyroid hormones are balanced and my antibodies are low enough that they do not cause any symptoms.

That is the power of Reiki! This amazing energy can do it all, including heal physical issues. Are you ready to feel better? To work with me, book an Intuitive Reading or Healing Session.

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