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The blessings of corona

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

I posted a while ago that I was grateful for corona. That was an unpopular post and I got some pushback from that- but I believe that it is a valuable topic to talk about and expand on.

Ten years ago when this picture was taken, I was just beginning my energy work journey. I have always had a dose or two of clairvoyance every year, usually getting strong premonitions about the years to come.

Many times, the information I got was four or so years ahead. Starting energy work put those abilities into overdrive and I was often overwhelmed with my visions, dreams, premonitions, and intuitions.

The thing about clairvoyance, is that it is hereditary. There is no developing it or shutting it down. You simply have it and it simply is. In the words of one of my teachers, either you are a skilled healer, or you are not. She taught me how to be skilled and how to hone my abilities, and it was not an easy road.

Clairvoyance during an awakening can be like a waking dream, and sometimes it is a waking nightmare. Premonitions and information do not come in an easy to read package. Usually they are presented like a dream, in metaphor. However, some of the information I got about corona was clear as day, and not in a metaphoric sense.

Ten years ago, I knew some type of ending was coming. There was nothing scary in my dreams or visions. I just knew that the world as we know it was going to change. I was a little worried about how, but this is a normal process during the turn of a century.

In history, when the 00's are coming, people naturally think that the world is ending. At the turn of the centuries, often many things change. Think about the industrial revolution (1760-1820), and the last century too. After 1900 there were many innovations in our lives. What I failed to see was that there were also diseases.

I was drawn to a high school level Scholastic book about Yellow Fever in 1793 in Philadelphia. It read just like what is happening right now, except that it was 230 years ago. My great-grandfather was a physician during the Spanish Flu of 1917-1920. Again, this was around the turn of a century.

There is something about the energy of the turn of a century that makes people worry and fret that their world is ending. And somehow, that worry translates to illness. Yellow fever was spread by mosquitoes. Spanish Flu was a consequence of the First World War. Corona spread through the interconnectedness of our global economy.

One of the things I am relieved about, is that the ending that I felt coming, was simply the turn of the century energy. The world has not ended, the sky is not black, and the seas are not boiling as was predicted in the 1960s. Pollution was a big part of the conversation when I was a kid in the 80s, but I am happy to say that Mother Earth is a lot healthier now than she was back then. The dire 1960s predictions about 2020 did not come true.

Our ending was a little different. Quarantine forced people to stop driving. Our March and April in Florida was much cooler than normal, with no cars on the road. We live adjacent to a toll road, and I can tell you that no cars on the road meant no extra heat for us.

The concrete jungle that is Orlando heats up to over 95 degrees in the summer, made worse by development and traffic. Our August and September weather was not the sweltering mess it usually is, thanks to less drivers on the road.

Any time we have the turn of a century energy, things shift and naturally change. What we underestimate is that disease, viruses, and bacteria also change the way we live. Flu, plague, yellow fever, flu again, and corona have changed the landscape of each century.

Different types of animals may evolve in and out of human history, but viruses and bacteria are a constant. Viruses weave themselves into the genetic makeup of our immune system and become part of us. And many times, it is because of turn of the century illnesses that our lives evolve. They make change necessary.

I am grateful for corona, for many reasons. As a harried mother of three with no family support, we have relied on our tribe of neighbors and school friends. Corona meant staying home, and finally being able to appreciate being together, without driving 2-3 hours a day just running carpool and to extracurricular activities.

We got to do the things we had been putting off for ages, and our house became not somewhere we stopped to say hello to each other once in a while, but a place we could call home. It is lived-in now. It's homey, and comfortable.

We got in touch with what really mattered. The trivial drama of our daily lives seemed to fizzle away. We understood what a penny meant and how far it could stretch. We eliminated frivolous spending and cut our budget so that it was extra lean.

I am grateful for the chance to get grounded in my own space. To spend a few months virtual schooling and homeschooling and teaching the boys to cook. I got to spend a few months with my daughter in her last years of school before she heads off to college.

I have found that many people are also more grounded. This is a good thing. The spiritual confusion and mess that we were seeing with people flitting here and there and everywhere has calmed down exponentially. It is much, much easier to see the spiritual realms when we are fully grounded.

Three years ago I had a vision of a prison. I was locked in my own home, it turned a steely grey and everything went dark. I didn't know what it meant. I saw many other things, but I just chalked them up to my clairvoyance trying to send me a message. Regardless of what happened, it appeared that I was going to be spending the ending at home, while the world around me changed.

That message was about corona lockdown. I had all these ideas ten years ago, about this ending. About water shortages, and food shortages, and having to go live in the woods, stuff I heard as a kid, leftovers from 1960s predictions.

Every century we have had a quarantine with food shortages, and lockdowns, and people having to leave home to be taken care of. Unfortunately, humans forget easily. They forget that we have done this many times before.

The more our immune systems evolve, the more bacteria and viruses also evolve to continue to challenge our immunity. Had we remembered the energy of the last flu in 1917, we may have been better prepared for this quarantine.

But, we were not. Corona is going to change the landscape of how we live, in ways we can't yet anticipate. There are people who, after doing virtual school with their kids and working virtually, are not going to give that up. That will lead to less cars on the road and less stress on Mother Nature.

There are people who started homeschooling and never looked back. There are those who lost their jobs and found new work and changed careers mid-quarantine. They were looking for an opportunity, and allowed corona to change their lives.

People also started to understand what social media is doing to our society and our psyche, and many of us stepped away to focus on what really mattered, the people in our lives. And mental health became a priority, so much so that NAMI helped pass the 988 suicide emergency number bill, which will take effect in 2022.

There are so many good things that happened, so many ways to see our world virtually, programs and sites that we never knew existed before. For example, the Monterey Bay Aquarium has a live feed of the shoreline, if you want to just listen to the waves all day.

Without corona, none of this would have happened. We would not be grounded, we would not understand who and what really matters in our lives, and we would not have appreciated 2020 at all. We would have passed it by without a second thought.

If this is our apocalypse, I'll take it. It is human nature for us to panic when the clock resets to 00. Dire apocalyptic predictions come around every century before it turns. They usually do not come true- what happens instead is enormous change.

Because of corona, I will appreciate every day like it is my last, because none of us ever know when we are going to go. We owe it to the people that corona took from us, to live our lives like everything matters. We are immensely blessed.


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