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Honoring our ancestors

I was talking to a medium friend of mine a little while ago, and we were looking to communicate with my Dad. He recently crossed over into the Light, and this has made life much, much easier for me. He no longer drags me into his chaos or his anger, or his pain. These things are commonplace for spirits who are earthbound, or haven't yet crossed over, because they are still dealing with contracts and energies of their lives, and looking for resolution before moving on.

My Dad came through, but so did a whole party of people, she said. It was if a celebration showed up. She asked how many ancestors I had contact with, and when I thought about it, I had contacted many people, to try to bring healing to our family lineage and dull the pain of my father's suicide.

It all started on Halloween in 2011. I did an ancestral ritual to honor my grandparents and great-grandparents. I had a photo of my grandmother (above) who died before I was born. I did the ritual and went to bed. I woke up at about 3 am, when the veil is thinnest, and was called to look at her picture. She was trying to get through and speak to me. The message she sent was, "I love her, I'm sorry, and she won't listen."

She was talking about my mother. My grandmother died from alcoholism and was a very cruel and critical woman in life, and had been very unhappy. I delivered my first mediumship message to my mother, which was not really accepted at the time. She has since made peace with my grandmother.

The more I learned about earthbound spirits, the more I wanted to help my grandmother. I connected with her spirit again with a friend holding the space, and what came through was a horrible, bitchy, chaotic spirit. I put her in the "white room" (sort of a padded spiritual cell) in a meditation group that I am in, and asked the angels to come in so that I could talk to her.

When I made it clear that I wanted to help her, and wanted her to be able to go to the light and let go of a lot of what happened in her life, she opened up. It took quite a long time to convince her that I wasn't there to insult or belittle her as other people had done, as a way to get back at her. The angels helped her to open her ears to listen.

The chaos settled down a little bit, and over time we got to know each other. She gave me advice through my marital issues, and acted as a go-between when there were spirits or other people's energies that wanted to bother me. She could be fiercely protective, and that was an asset when it came to spiritual energies that may have tried to hurt me.

I had learned about ancestral healing from a friend, where we send light through our family lineage, to clear the lines, and to help heal anything that is holding us back as products of those generations, energetically. My great-great-grandmother had a child who died of lockjaw. I sent healing and love and light to her, because she was the originator of much of the pain, sadness, and depression on my father's side of the family. She speaks to me in French when she comes through now.

I looked through the geneaology of my family, which has been researched and put together by various members of my family. I met my great-grandfather, and went back further to the families that came to America from Greece, France, Ireland, and Scotland. I picked up interesting pieces from each of them, through their stories and in relation to my father and my grandmother.

I sent healing where it was needed, but mostly listened. The spirits want to tell us their stories, and they're very happy to communicate with people who can hear them. Some of my ancestors were preachers, Calvinist or Presbyterians. They had lived in North Carolina, Iowa, Michigan, and Vermont, all places that I have felt pulled or called to. The last time I visited Michigan it was like I had been there and could feel my roots, even though I had never been there before.

So when the party showed up, it made sense. It is amazing what we can learn when we honor our ancestors and send them healing.

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