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What is Reiki?

Reiki is two words, Rei and Ki. Rei is the Universal or divine portion and ki is the life force energy. Reiki is the channeling of divine energy. Energy comes through the crown of the healer and out the hands, and surrounds the client.

Once Reiki surrounds the biofield or aura, it begins to raise the vibration of all the cells in the body. It releases and kicks out anything that isn't serving the person, so that they can live a freer life. Reiki takes negativity and negative energy with it, dissipating it into the Universal energy. There is no negative energy left once Reiki is finished surrounding the client.

Reiki is amplified when a client is with the healer. As a channel, the healer holds space for the Reiki to flow. The Reiki surrounds the client for as long as the client needs it. Reiki has its own wisdom and knows how long the client needs the energy to flow. Once the Reiki has stopped flowing, it has taken the negativity with it and the negative energy is no longer on the client or in the room.

Clients report feeling hot, cold, pulling, pulsation, tingling, and seeing colors during sessions. All of these feelings are normal and mean that the Reiki is working. Pain or nausea isn't normal and if that happens, you should tell your healer so that she can adjust the energy or move her hands to a different area.

The most common reaction to a Reiki treatment is the feeling of peace and relaxation. Some clients describe it as the feeling you get after a massage. Many people report a feeling of increased clarity and understanding of their problems.

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