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Soul Contracts

In our Reiki II class we discussed Soul Contracts. These contracts are believed to form between people before incarnation, as a part of our life path and learning our life lessons. It's important to know what these contracts are and how long they can be in place. In our lifetimes, there are people we have lifetime contracts with. You might be familiar with the phrase, there are friends for a season, for a reason, and for a lifetime. This describes the contracts we have not just with our friends, but also employers, teachers, co-workers, family members, soul mates, and life partners. Some souls we have a contract with for a lifetime, some for a season of life like childrearing or school time, and some are for a reason or a life lesson. Sometimes we take on soul contracts to learn difficult lessons. There are contracts that may be formed to teach us to stand up for ourselves, when someone has breached our boundaries. There are contracts that we form to learn from loss, when we lose someone unexpectedly, or through something we have done wrong. It's important to look at how long a contract with a certain person is supposed to last. Has our interest in someone waned and we are drifting from them? If so, your contract may be up and ready to expire. Are we meant to stay in a certain job or leave? When we ask for guidance on our contracts, often we can get the answers through meditation and asking our Guides or Spirit. Many of the contracts I had in my life were meant to run in four year cycles. After four years they were ended and it was time to move on. If there is a contract in place that you want to dissolve, this is different from cutting cords from someone. You would go back to when the original contract was created, and see it written down, on a piece of paper or a scroll, or the like. If the contract is over, you visualize it being burned, dissolving, or breaking apart, and marked invalid. Sometimes it is good to take this extra step when ending a relationship or soul contract with someone who has been an important part of our lives. Karmically, we are finished with the life lesson and it is time to move on. This is one way to do it. If you need specific wording or help with resolving contracts, email me at

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