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Honoring Our Mothers

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

The bond between a mother and child is like no other. When we are born we are corded to our mothers through an etheric cord from our belly area to hers. This cord and other cords like it connect us to our mothers and our siblings, fathers, and other family members. Mothers are no less present when they are on the "Other Side". I have had several clients who have had their mothers pass. The bond between our mother and us doesn't go away just because someone has died. We remain connected soul to soul. One client's mom passed away in 1999 and by the time she came to see me, her mother had tried all the avenues she knew how to communicate with her daughter. One of my client's friends was very empathic and had said that her mother was frequently around, trying to get messages through. When I connected with her mother, it was like she sighed relief. She was finally able to get the message through that she was proud of her daugther, had been watching out for her, and had advice to give from her vantage point. Another client had stopped celebrating holidays and generally felt abandoned when her mother died. The first message from her mother when she came through was to go have some ice cream, the salve that they often used when she was alive when something had gone wrong. Her second messages were to celebrate the holidays (it was Easter then), complete with lots of bunnies and bunny slippers! She didn't want her daughter to lose the spark she had for life, because her mother was always with her. If you've lost your mother, rest assured that she still loves you just as much as she did when she was present on this Earth. She still wants the best for you and wants you to live a happy, fruitful life. She is always there watching over you, and will often send you signs that she is present, in music, flowers, butterflies, and birds. You will always be connected. Happy Mother's Day!

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