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Don't kick people out of their homes

The eviction process is a hot topic during coronavirus, but I am not going to address any issues with the living. This has to do with the dead.

Recently I had a client call me because the original part of her house had some strange activity. Her little one had been waking up crying in the middle of the

night, between 2:30 and 3am. She had taken to screaming and running into her parents' bedroom. The nighttime monitor showed a little grey cloud above her head. Her toys had been playing by themselves. They were worried.

The mother had asked someone close to her about it, who had said there was a demon present. So she called me for a house clearing. I am always doubtful of demonic presence, unless there is a real issue, like a near-death car accident, or financial ruin, or a huge run of bad luck that befalls the person. Demons like to destroy things.

Many times, a former human or person who has passed over has a reason to be in a home. A ghost, on the other hand, is an imprint of a person who does not interact with the current owners or people in the home. It's just there, repeating its life without bothering anyone. In this case, the former and first owner of the home was hanging around.

This can create a lot of fear. As in her friend, who thought he was a demon. Demons are usually whatever your imagination can come up with, but they are pieces of energy, not full human forms. I can understand why she was fearful. People who are crossed over do not have as much ability to interact with the human world as the living. So they have to try other means to get their message across.

He was using the toys and the baby monitor. She said that the monitor had gone on the blink and had not been working well. I explained to her that the little grey cloud was not meant to scare them, it was more like a ball of worry and concern for her baby. I checked in with the former owner, and he kept talking about a wall.

He was upset about the wall. We looked up the property records, and the house had been built in 1951, at 800 square feet. It had been remodeled to its current size, around 1900 square feet, in 1975. Another remodel had been done in 2003, to add outside things like a pool. At first I thought he was talking about the land. That he was upset that people were on his land, since he had lived there first.

The more we delved though, the more we learned. He kept talking about the wall. I thought he was saying that he was upset that the wall was taken down when the remodel happened. But then after understanding when the remodel occurred, I understood that he was saying he was upset that the wall was there. He kept saying something, but I couldn't quite understand.

We kept searching for property records, then I understood. The wall was concrete. Their baby was sleeping in the older part of the house, and the addition had been added where the garage had been. He was concerned because they weren't hearing the baby at night when the monitor's batteries had started to die. They couldn't hear her beyond the concrete wall.

When I explained this, they didn't quite believe it until they checked. Yes, they confirmed the wall was concrete. He gave me a name they could use for him. It was the same name as the original owner in the property records. He was trying to get the message across.

Any time a house is built, a human has established ownership of that land. Usually if the human is respectful of the land, the landkeepers (many times ancestral Native Americans) establish a peace with the new owner. If the land is disrupted in any way or the home is disrupted, either the landkeeper or the original owner comes back to check in.

In this case, the new owners (my clients) were the first owners since 1994 who were not renting the property. Since they were staying, the original owner had been keeping an eye on things to make sure they were happy in his home. Many times, owners or landkeepers will check in, make sure peace is maintained, and then leave.

If it is not being maintained, they will try to get a message across. This is why you need someone skilled in mediumship to check a home that has a former owner who is deceased. Skilled practitioners who do not work with the dead can clear a home of residual heavy energy, but they cannot communicate with a former owner or landkeeper to fully bring peace to a space, unless it is not a residence.

Disruptions are usually remodels. Former owners do get noticeably upset when homes are remodeled, especially if they built them. However, the original owner did the remodel. Landkeepers can also get noticeably upset with remodels, if the land is not respected.

Keeping the peace with a landkeeper is simple. Connect with the keeper of the land, assure them that you will respect the space that the house is on, that you will respect the environment, and that you will do your very best not to abuse the Earth. Honor the fact that they know more than you know about the origins of the land and how to maintain a balance with Mother Nature.

Maintaining peace with a former owner means not clearing them out or kicking out their energy until they have a chance to get a message across. They were there first, and they want to be assured that their home will be respected. Sometimes you will need to establish that this is now your space. However it is always respectful to thank the person who built the home or lived there before you.

With a ghost, or an imprint of someone's life on repeat, sometimes that means the person is stuck in a loop and has not found peace yet. You can ask them to move on to the other side and help them find peace. Or you can leave the imprint alone, if it is not bothering you. Also, please only invite paranormal experts to your home if they know how to help a former human cross over to the Light.

In any case, even if you truly believe you have a demon on your hands, leave the energy alone. You need someone to check the energy and see what it is. Do not sage or kick anything out until you have had a chance to receive the message they came to give you. Fear is a powerful enemy and it prevents communication with the former humans in the afterlife. If they came before you, they have wisdom to share.

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