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What happens after death?

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

This topic comes up many times in my work as a medium. People come in worried about their loved ones, especially after a sudden death. I didn't set out to communicate with the dead and it is an ability that comes with the gifts of Reiki. I communicate through clairaudience, the gift of sensitive hearing. I don't hear with my ears, I have an inner knowing and feeling when the dead are communicating with me.

Many times, when a loved one passes away, we want to find closure and be assured that they are ok. This is where a medium comes in. Without the ability to receive messages, the dead send us signs that they are ok, such as butterflies and birds and other signs from the people around us who give us just the right message at the right time.

There is a learning curve that happens for the spirit after death, where they have to learn to communicate only through telepathy. This can be frustrating for a newly dead spirit, who is used to talking and hearing. Because our loved ones are in spirit, they now have the ability to travel anywhere they want (called bilocation), and talk to us in dreams.

This is sometimes how the newly dead come through, in a dream designed to answer the questions we have in our heads. There is also the time between waking and sleep when the brain is in touch with the subconscious and especially receptive. Because the dead use telepathy to communicate, they can hear our thoughts and perceive our questions, even if we speak them out loud.

Once a person dies, they separate from the physical body and leave that shell behind. They enter the spiritual or astral body and begin the arduous process of transforming into a being who can communicate telepathically. They enter the Other Side and begin reconnecting with their loved ones and pets who have passed on before them.

A spirit can be both on the Other Side and next to us at the same time. This is what we mean by bilocation. They can also communicate without words, using mental energy and directing thoughts toward their loved ones. Telepathy is a learned skill, and this is where some spirits get stuck.

Without the guidance of an angel, loved one on the Other Side, or medium on this side, sometimes spirits get stuck. They need someone to show them how to bilocate and to speak telepathically. Some spirits wander for a long time before they find the help they need to transition to the abilities of the Other Side.

This is what creates ghosts, sleepwalkers, and earthbound spirits. They are stuck looking for resolution and don't know how to communicate or move from place to place. So they set about knocking things over, taking items, or moving things around. They bump into people and scare them.

It takes someone with compassion to work with a spirit who is stuck. First, they need to understand that they are dead. Sometimes this is a wake up call for a spirit who has suffered a sudden death, and suddenly finds themselves on the Other Side, with no way to communicate or move.

Once the spirit understands that they are dead, they are able to make the transition to the Other Side and are able to gain the ability to speak telepathically to us and bilocate. Sometimes this means they have to leave the comfort of the places they have known and move on to their home in the afterlife, which can be scary for them without someone to help them understand.

One of the main things the dead want us to know once they reach the Other Side is that they are ok. They are happy, healthy, and content, surrounded by loved ones and the eternal love of our Creator. It can sometimes take years for this message to get through, until a loved one left behind visits a medium or has a dream of their loved one.

The eternity spent on the Other Side is designed for activity and peace. Our loved ones are happily engaged in what brought them joy in life, and they continue their passions, without being weighted down by a physical body to feed, clothe, and work for.

It is during this time that the dead are given the chance to right the wrongs they did in life and make amends with the loved ones they left behind. They need a medium to communicate through or a way to transmit their messages. Some spirits are very powerful and are able to come through in dreams or during their loved ones' sleep-wake state so that their message can come through.

Once the wrongs are righted, the dead have a choice. They can remain on the Other Side to watch over their loved ones, or they can transition into the Second Death. This is where the dead have the choice to leave their astral or spiritual body behind and move into the everlasting love of the Creator.

The transition to the Second Death happens when our loved ones in spirit say goodbye or that they will not be coming back. Their spiritual bodies are left behind and their souls move on to the next step, assimilation with God or Divine Source. They lose their sense of person, who they were on Earth, and become one with the Creator's Divine Love.

This may seem like a sad time for those left behind on Earth, but it is not sad for the spirit. Becoming one with God is the highest vibration a being can assume, but it does mean that we will no longer be contacted by our loved one or see them in dreams. This is why many spirits decide to stay on the Other Side to watch over us.

I hope this has been helpful. If you have questions about mediumship, reach out to me via my Contact Page.



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