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Death and dying

March 6th was the 12 year anniversary of my father's suicide. This year we will be celebrating his life. My Reiki guides affectionately refer to me as the "suicide guru", because many times my clients and students have experienced a close family member, sibling, or friend who has taken their life.

I do have mediumship skills, and use them at times in sessions, but what I find is that I attract spirits who have left this world via suicide. Many practitioners believe that these souls will be punished in the afterlife, or that they have to come around again and start over because God or another deity is punishing them.

I have found this to be simply untrue. There are practitioners who won't touch the energy of a suicide because of all the primal rage and dark energy it can carry. It is an act of bravery to remove yourself from this world.

Over Christmas I was given a very special gift from Dr. Mikao Usui and the Dalai Lama. In Buddhist and Japanese circles, suicide is seen as an honorable act when someone is in too much pain to stay on the Earth plane. In my experience suicide is a release.

My father was very happy when he left this plane. It took about four years before he was ready to come back to the other side of the veil and talk to me about his death. There was a lot of guilt, pain, shame, blame, and anger, and even rage on both of our parts.

This is the energy that many practitioners have trouble dealing with, the primal rage and often revenge that comes with a gun-assisted suicide. My father attempted four other ways and waited 25 years before he completed suicide.

When I first went to suicide groups with ASFP it was pointed out to me that when it is said that someone has committed suicide, it makes it a crime against the self. It is much gentler to say someone has completed suicide. For many highly sensitive people the Earth plane is a very rough place to be and suicide is a completion of the life they were leading.

Death has told me many times that we have five exits out of this life. We aren't cats, who get nine lives. Most humans have five potential exits from life. The near miss on the highway or the overdose on drugs that didn't work are potential exits. Suicide is an intentional exit to end pain.

It can be one of the most "selfish" acts a person can take, but is often necessary. Family and friends spend a lot of time asking why someone left the Earth plane. As a practitioner who works with suicides, I can say it was simply not about the family or friends that were left behind. It was all about the pain of being on the Earth.

When we die of a suicide, our soul is instantly released into the arms of God. There are astral or emotional pieces left on the Earth plane for those left behind to carry until the spirit is ready to come back around and work them out. Some people call this karma, and some call them astral pieces.

Some suicides never work out the astral shattering and glass shards left behind. Some do. My father started coming back over Thanksgiving to talk and to work out our "karma". He caused more chaos and drama than we needed, but many things were worked out.

I am happy to be your guide and friend in dealing with a loved one's suicide. Email me at for more information.

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