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Vision Boards

Contrary to popular belief, vision board time is Mid-April, when Aries begins. The Aries new moon, and any fire time really, are ideal for starting new projects, because this is when we have the most FIRE to begin new things and to light a match under them!

The Aries New Moon this year is April 1, 2022. Your vision board can have anything on it, cut outs from magazines of things you would like to manifest or have in your life, or simply words.

My vision board has nine categories:










Under each of these I list those things I am working on or have not yet accomplished. Over the years my vision boards have changed a lot, at first it was material things I wanted to manifest, and they have.. and now it is more projects and other things that I want to get done.

Early this year I ripped my vision board apart and started over, because many of the things I had there I had listed several times and they had already come to fruition.

This is what I had left!

I can say that it was easy to put these things into play, and as of February of this year I took myself and my husband on my first business trip to Nassau!

It was super fun and a culmination of all the hard work we have done over the past twelve years.

What's on your list?

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