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Connecting with our mothers

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Happy Mother's Day!

Sometimes, we have mothers who are present for us on the other side. Let me tell you about a few clients of mine. All of their mothers are passed on.

Any time I am connecting with someone's loved one in a session, they send me a key, or confirmation, that they are present. Many times my clients' mothers show me flowers to confirm that I have the right message or am on the right track.

One client's mother suggested that her daughter start to celebrate the holidays again after her passing from cancer. She showed me a huge bouquet to confirm that I had the message correct. She also wanted her daughter to go out and get ice cream like they used to do, and to start exercising. Many times it is painful for our loved ones to see us grieve over their absence, when they are right there on the other side to help.

In a more tenuous situation, a client of mine was being tailed home by a man who was stalking her. Her mother had passed on, and assured me (and her) that she was there the whole time, protecting her daughter and distracting the man. She showed me calla lillies to confirm the message.

Another client's mother died before her children were born. She assured me that she is there, watching over her grandchildren as they grow, and is very close to her daughter at all times.

There are times when souls need to go to a place on the other side for healing, when they seem that they are far away. The souls that are close to us, however, like our mothers, are always there in Spirit, and will come when we call them to us. In the ethers we are no longer bound by a body, and are pure consciousness, which means we are everywhere at all times.

This especially applies to our mothers on the Other Side. They are always here with us. We just need to reach out.

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