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How to work with your Twin Flame

I had a client call me a month or so ago, saying, "you're not going to believe this. I can feel my ex-lover's feelings and I know what he is thinking. I am in such emotional turmoil. Am I crazy?"

This was similar to another client who called a few months back with the same questions. How could she feel what he was feeling when he was in New York and she was in Florida?

Twin Flames are a fairly new concept in the New Age Spirituality world. The theory is that a soul splits into two and each part inhabits a body until the two pieces come together, and the two people begin a relationship.

The relationship is characterized by telepathy, or knowing what the other person is thinking, the ability to see the other person deeply and fully, an electric feeling when the two are together, and the feeling that you have known this person before, perhaps in a past life. Each person feels like they have been hit by a bolt of lightning.

The beginning of the relationship is often the same as other relationships, very deep very fast. But that is when things start to go downhill. Twin flames start to mirror each other and each one’s deep seated issues come to the surface.

The mirror is a tool the spiritual realm uses that allows each person to bring to the surface what needs to be healed. The spiritual purpose of a Twin Flame relationship is to further a soul’s spiritual growth, in a way that moves healing along rather swiftly.

If a TF is willing to work on the issues that come up and heal them, they are hurtled along the path of spiritual growth and awakening. However, that is often not the case. One person runs and the other chases them. The feelings are too intense, the hurts too deep, and the issues to hard to heal.

It’s been said that the male in the relationship is usually the runner, but I have seen plenty of women run from this too. Twin Flames can come back together at a later time to heal, but this often takes a long time.

In the meantime, they can move on with their lives, but still feel the feelings of the other person, know what they are thinking, and see their issues coming up to the surface. It doesn’t matter what distance has been placed between them, the feelings persist. This is where many people get stuck thinking that they are supposed to be with their TF.

Soul mates and Twin Flames are different species, and the jury is still out about which ones are supposed to end up together. It’s been said that a Soul Mate is your greatest teacher and will offer you the most healing, and that you should be with them for life. The spiritual community doesn’t have a consensus yet on whether TFs are supposed to end up together forever.

So for my clients, we worked on cutting cords between them, shielding with sunlight to dissolve any negativity, and disconnecting the telepathic communication between them. It is not easy to separate Twin Flames, but it is possible.

The more we ascend in consciousness, the more these relationships will form between people, to further our spiritual growth. We just have to be prepared for the growing pains.

For more about Twin Flames, see my online class. Questions? Use my Contact Page.



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